Zen Cart Pros
Scott - Sales@zencart.com Scott - Abusive, Obscene - crazy lunatic is only half a description of this jerk.

Oh My God.... I was having a problem with my password getting into my account so sent for a new password reset. After three attempts it still didn't work. I emailed asking for any ideas as to why it didn't work. Received a smart assed email that made me read it two or three times. I said Hey - just do your job and fix the problem. Then it started. I received about 30 emails in an hour - telling me to F off, calling me the C word, then the phone calls started.

Calls that can only be described as total lunatic, off balance, crazy in the middle of a severe breakdown MAD - screaming obscenities, abusive and the most degrading disgusting things I have ever heard. My 16 yr old son took the phone as he could hear the screaming across the room - when he told Scott to settle down - he was told that Scott would "ram his co,,,k down his throat" and then proceeded back to the big C words.....

When I advised I was reporting to police - which I did as I had taped all the calls - he then emailed me saying I should leave him alone as he was scared of me and scared for his life.....WTF.

Now all of my emails to my website are going to him - I know because I tested it and sent myself an email and it went straight to him - he replied. I am determined to shut this jerk down and intend to charge him with anything and everything that I can. He advised me by email he was going to hack into my sites - which he now has = and destroy everything on my webpages and my business and my reputation

All I wanted was a password. Every email to Zen Cart goes to this idiot. DO NOT USE ZEN CART - what a joke.

Offender: Zen Cart Pros
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: Washington
Site: www.zencartpros.com

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