Screen Pro
Kioky The crooks who started Kioky are now calling it Screen Pro

Screen Pro New Name for The Scam Named Kioky

Reynaldo Alonzo AKA Ray Victors, had a great concept to protect the worlds iPhone screens with his Kioky concept. Before the Autumn of 2010 Alonzos Kioky concept had little traction but when he brought on a crew of bright young guys to help the Kioky concept gained national attention what seemed like overnight.

In January of 2011 Kioky gained even more attention at CES in Vegas. The news coming out of was
that Kioky had found the ability to correctly apply a screen protector to your iDevice in under 60 seconds.

In February Kioky successfully raised (or so it seemed) $15,000.00 via crowdfunding with Kickstarter about that time there seemed to have been a shake up within the company. The information that started to come
out of the company was NOT good.

During this time news broke from many sites Reynaldo Alonzo AKA Ray Victors, had been convicted as repeated sex offender. Not long after this news broke Kiokys team released this video The Truth About Kioky on September 7th 2011 . The video has some very damning evidence of Reynaldo Alonzo and his supposed wife Nina.

After this video Kioky all but disappears, with no reviews and their website taken down. Then at MacWord 2012 just 5 months later ScreenPro shows up. Now one could make the assumption that they were the new Kioky but just similar products, until you watch this video from MacMixing where the interviewee is introduced as Nina (same name used in the The Truth About Kioky video) with her new product that looks just like the product in the Kioky video that she clames to be the inventor of.

In short the crooks who started Kioky were caught and called out by the guys who were held with the short end of the stick, now have started Screen Pro. I am sure once they are caught they will again change names and lie about their past again.

Offender: Screen Pro
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 4242245646

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