Emerchants Edge
SEO SCAM & Business Bashing SEO Crooks, Webinar Scams, Posting False Reports on business , Reputation Supresion Scam. SEO Scam, Business Harassment, False Advertisement Santa Ana

Business Owners DO NOT HIRE Emerchants Edge.

Dear Consumers, Emerchants Edge is nothing more than a scam to take people's money and resale your information this firm is under investigation for running several types of illegal businesses that target business owners and home owners. This company has been soliciting Utility Services, Hime Security Systems, Home Watranys , Reroofing and more this firm runs various auto dialer campaigns to call your business or home for these services and guess what?? They take your money and your personal information to resell it to other marketing affiliates. Now let's take a deeper look at we're there located 2861 Pullman Ave Santa Ana Ca this address is also linked to other firms with a BAD reputation google the address and then hold on to your seat.

Who are the employees of Emerchants Edge well they also work for Ameripide Tax Group, Fieldstone Law, West coast property solutions, Nationwide Financial Group, now with all these firms in a 2000sq ft office what are they doing?? Running consumer scams and there employees come to work DRUNK, HIGH on drugs and have criminal records would you want them taking your information over the phone O h*ll NO you would not. So I hope this has helped all you consumers like me don't get scamed by these guys.

Offender: Emerchants Edge
Country: USA   State: Nationwide
Address: 2861 Pullan
Site: Www.emerchantsedge.com

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