Upperdeck Trading Cards
Upperdeck Co, Upperdeck Redemptions UD Redemption Cards IS A SCAM! THEY WILL SEND YOU GARBAGE AS A REPLACEMENT!

Before I begin, let me say that I have had this happen to me TWICE now from this company. I will never buy another redemption card online from eBay or buy any Upperdeck cards in the future! THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS!

I had a Jon Jones UFC Autographed redemption card that I redeemed with Upperdeck over a year ago and the whole time they kept telling me that he hadnt signed the card. After getting the run around the whole time and trying to call them on their phone lines (which always had a stupid message that they were in a business meeting for weeks on end) I finally got fed up of waiting, so I was told that I should provide the names of 5-7 athletes of suitable substitutes that I would accept for a replacement that is of equal value.

I named 6 athletes and received an email saying that I would receive one of them in 6-8 weeks. When I finally received the card it was NOT of ANY of the athletes I named and they sent me a card that is worth 5-10% of the total value of what the Jon Jones card is worth. Now mind you this Jon Jones card was supposed to be a limited low numbered serial card. What I got was a run of the mill Randy Couture Autograph card that is worth about $15-$20.

When I contacted "customer service" by phone they said that they would not help me and that I was stuck with the card. I waited over a year for the Jon Jones card and now I got a card that I dont want and I am very upset that their so called "customer service" was a take it or leave it attitude, after I was more than patient with them. I feel as if this is an ongoing scam that Upperdeck does to its customers and is making a lot of money doing it.

I am going to post on every scam site and forum I can about my experience with the redemption process with UD and make it clear to everyone that I can, to NOT to do this process with them as they will get ripped off to. All you have to do is goolge the words "Upperdeck redemption card Scams, ripoffs, etc" and you will find blogs, forums etc with tons of other people that have had the same issues I am having with them.

I expect that this joke of a company will just allow this to go unresolved as their attitude is of a company that doesnt care about its customers at all. Thats why I think its best I take to the internet and start letting people know to avoid UD by all costs and get cards from their competitors. We can hit them in the pocketbook (just like they did to me and many others) and hopefully make it clear to them that we do matter. I will never stop posting this information online so it will be here for others to see and hopefully help them to avoid upperdecks crappy redemption services.

DONT BUY UPPERDECK CARDS! If you get a redemption card, good luck getting it! Also DONT buy redemption cards on eBay, you will most likely never get the card and will end up with a card you dont want and you will have wasted money for nothing.

I will report back if this company has any integrity at all and tries to remedy the situation. So far they keep giving me the runaround, and I have filed a Better Business Bureau complaint as well, which they keep sending the same lame excused response to also.

In the meanwhile, dont buy from Upperdeck, they have no morality or integrity whatsoever!

Offender: Upperdeck Trading Cards
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 2251 Rutherford Road
Phone: 18008737332
Site: www.upperdeck.com

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