Kerstin Fossen
KFossen,, Non-paying client

I want to make a short report just to inform other freelance web designers as me about this situation. Kerstin Fossen owes me $1553 USD

I billed her on Jan 1st 2012, she was supposed to pay on Jan 15th, more than 4 months ago - the original amount was $1753 but she paid $200 on March 15th when she needed a favor from me that of course I didnt want to make.

I cant even explain how many times she said she finally was going to pay me, she has been promising to pay "next week" since week number 1.

I worked for her for a year before this happened and we did that by her terms, this means: I could only bill a project once it was approved by the final client. I also had to include psd files along with the first preview of a project and with every revision. And she would pay 15 days after the bill day.

That was obviously a mistake and no one should do that with this or any other client. But if you choose to work for Kerstin please be aware of this, dont believe everything she says, don't work for her unless you get all or some of the money paid in advance.

Offender: Kerstin Fossen
Country: USA   State: Minnesota   City: Minneapolis
Address: 1161 Wayzata Blvd. E #235

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