Vidgits, LLC
Elyse said she had customers for me, then handed me to someone else who wanted to sell me advertising!

I got a call from "Elyse" who said she was with JAG (whatever that is) and had some clients looking for Bookkeeping services. She asked if I would be able to take some new clients? OMG! Of course! Thank God I answered the
phone! I've quit answering the phone lately because the only calls I get are from people trying to sell me advertising! Wow! This call is too wonderful!

Elyse and I discussed how many clients I might be able to take depending on the size of their business, and how far I
might travel to service clients in my area. After establishing some parameters, she said she was turning me over her
associate who could get me set up with some clients.

I don't know the man's name who came on the phone, but he talked very fast trying to sell me on some kind of
services. I said "Wait a minute, did you say something about cost?". He tried to double-talk me or get me off the subject of cost and back on to the services he was offering. He also made some kind of quick comment about Google recommending my business. When I asked him to tell me the name of his company, he directed me to the web site which clearly promotes an advertising business!!! I told him I didn't appreciate Elyse telling me that she had clients for me when all this call was about was selling me some advertising! He apologized and tried to keep talking about how great his company is and how they get more results than any other company. I said "Everybody says that!". He continued on with the sales pitch and I told him I had his web site address and would contact them if I wanted their services.
I had to hang up because he just kept trying to keep me on the phone!

I am so sick of these unethical sales calls that I am going to stop answering my phone again! How do these people sleep at night? Don't they know how upsetting it is to get a call that sounds like the answer to your prayers only to find out it's just another telemarketer? I was going to call the company, and I still might, but every time I think about how they played with my emotions and assumed I was stupid enough to believe anything they said, I start crying again. This is just plain mean! I feel like I'm being bullied, made fun of, lied to, and robbed!

Offender: Vidgits, LLC
Country: USA   State: California   City: Temecula
Address: 43264 Business Park Dr., Ste #107
Phone: 18775436584

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