2B Mobile
Warning of extremely poor business practices

This communication was created months ago when this horrible experience was fresh in my mind. I decided to hold it to see if time would change my perspective. It has not. TheCasa Grande and affliated Phoenix 2B Mobile stores need to be closed.
On Nov. 16, 2010, I entered the 2B Mobile on Florence Ave. in Casa Grande. I was actually looking for the Cricket location in an effort to purchase internet service. Jessica and Kevin were working that evening and gave me the reasons to do business with T Mobile. They specifically sited the fact that T Mobile was much faster because of the 3G service which would be 4G by the first of the year. I was persuaded to sign up and they assured me I would have 14 days to cancel. Upon taking the equipment home and installing it, I experienced extremely slow service. I then made three more trips to the store to discuss what the problem could be. At one point, Kevin, store manager, dialed T Mobile technical service, handing the phone to me and during the conversation with the technician I was informed that 3G service did not exist at my location and 4G would not be available in Jan. I conveyed that information to Kevin and left the store. The next day I returned to the store with another question and overheard a sales rep telling a customer about the 4G service. After he finished with the customer, I brought it to his attention that this was not a true statement. Becoming frustrated, I spent the next day searching for a different service and ended up with Cricket. I did a speed test and determined that they were much faster than Tmobile. I then went directly to 2B Mobile and cancelledmy service, through Kevin, explaining the reason. This was on Nov. 24, eight days after initiating service. Kevin assured me that the $54 would be in my checking account within a couple of days. It was not. I returned to the store in another attempt to obtain my refund and overheard a sales rep telling a customer about the 4G service. After he finished with the customer, I again reminded them that this was not a true statement. After a month and multiple visits to the store trying to get the refund, I became very irrate. Kevin contacted someone via phone and I did hear him ask about the refund, referring to his multiple attempts to obtain it for me. When he hung up, he told me that the money would be in my bank that afternoon. It wasnt. The next day, Kevin gave me the phone number for Len in Phoenix. I tried to reach him but was not successful. However, the money was deposited in my account two business days later which was 42 days after applying for it.
During this time frame, I received a bill from Tmobile. I called and explained that the service was cancelled. They cancelled the bill and all was well. However, why did I have to do this? I had initiated service with Kevin (11/16) and cancelled service with Kevin (11/24).
On Jan. 10, 2B took $200 from my checking account. I called Kevin who was to return my call, but didnt, and to Len who was out of the office. Finally, after numerous attempts, I was connected with Hans in collections in Phoenix on Wednesday, Jan. 12. He assured me that the money would be in my account within 48 to 72 hours. That deadline passed without the money being deposited in my account. I again contacted Hans who informed me that he was waiting for his general manager, Ali Salehi, to sign off on the order. I informed him that if the money was not in my account with 24 hours, I would contact the three t.v. stations in Phoenix and they would receive well-deserved free advertising. Twenty-two hours later, he called me to say he had just made the deposit to my account.
My evaluation of the situation leads me to believe that either TMobile does not adequately train personnel or there is a stream of dishonesty. By selling something you do not have, you are fraudulantly representing your services. By not returning money in the time frame agreed to, you are making me your lender. And, in my opinion, by taking money from my account when it is not due, you are fraudulently obtaining funds. As a formerly potential customer, I would highly recommend that these stores be investigated and closed. I recommend to anyone considering service, don't! I have witnessed other customers returning their internet equipment so Im confident that they are continuing to misrepresent the product.

Offender: 2B Mobile
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Casa Grande
Address: 1659 E. Florence Bl Ste 9
Phone: 5203160222
Site: 1659 E. Florence Bl Ste 9

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