Placed order, paid for item, never received item. Contacted company gave order# only received nasty emails! , Tucson

My step father placed an order for my son and paid with a credit card. After 2 weeks of not seeing product delivered my wife and I attempted t contact blade empire via email customer service. First we provided a copy of their order form via an attachment(pdf) in an email. After I was told that only an idiot would open an attachment and that she ( wasn't able to help me I sent an additional email with their order number# which also had the shipping and billing address listed directly.

Again the only response I got from Julia was to be called an arrogant jackass. I never once called anyone a name and simply asked for assistance so that I would not have to file a complaint with our credit card company. I was told that I would need the email address that was used to order and that she would not help my ignorant, arrogant ass. I then forwarded my mother and step father contact info so that they could let me know what email was used for order.

My mother contacted them via her email which was used for the order. Again all I get from Julia @customer service via email is that she can't believe that I cannot provide her with the email address that was used and that I must be some kind of kid. I then responded via email stating that my mother contacted them directly to prevent any confusion or accusation of fraud which she was now accusing me of. I told her that "my ignorant,arrogant,ass" was going to file reports with the attorney general as well as the internet crime prevention center.

After a little research online, I have discovered that blade empire also has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. this does not surprise me as i have never dealt with anyone so rude when simply trying to find a tracking # for an order. I have concluded that they have no intention of providing the product that was paid for. Every new email comes up with another excuse as to why she ( can't or refuses to help me.

In closing I called the company at their toll free number to try and resolve this on the phone. On their message it states to leave your order# with your name and phone number making sure you leave the order#so that they can look up your order. My question is this - if an order # left on a phone message can look up an order why can't this same order number be used when it is sent via email. I think the answer is clear as the insults that were directed at me via email. If you continue to criticize and change your needs to look up an order it will distract from your initial mission of simply finding out what happened to you order.

Country: USA   State: Arizona
Address: 3849 E Broadway Blvd STE 300
Phone: 5207771507

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