Sunstar Corp
Ripoff tricked and lied to us

We needed a stand-up booth for our salon. We decided to purchase used equipment. FIRST MISTAKE. We began to look. I found a classified add in TANNING TRENDS magazine. SECOND MISTAKE.

My husband called an spoke with some guy named DOUG. He said the booth was older, but still in good working condition. He said it was an older HEX model booth and the only difference in it and the new ones was the handle. He said it came with a dressing room and that it was a green color. He said that it was a great show piece to put in the front of our shop so the customers could see it. We asked him to send or e-mail us pictures of the booth, he said that if we were not completely satisfied we could return it for a refund. He said that all the parts were under warranty for one year and the bulbs in it had only 160 hours on them.

Well this is what WE got&we got the first booth that HEX ever made, it had brown paneled exterior, no dressing room and none of the electrical parts worked. It had to be completely rewired--at MY cost. Our electrician said that it looked as if they had taken wire cutter and cut the wire. He had a time with it. They sent no useable instructions. The bulbs that came with it were so black on the ends that you could not see through them. 160 hours-my ass-more like 1250 or more.

The thing was made of WOOD and had no place on the entrance door for any bulbs--the bulbs did not even go all the way around. We wanted a booth for a reason--so our clients could tan those hard spots-their sides and the bigger clients needed a little more coverage. If they get in this thing, they will have even MORE missed spots.

We have tried to contact them since we purchased this thing--we have left messages, paged them, and even called DOUG'S cell phone. We have absolutely no contact with them since the thing arrived. I guess we did not even get that 1 year warrenty on electrical parts. I have-right now- spent more on the thing than we paid for it and I still have to buy new bulbs--if they get it to run. I hope that the SUNSTAR CORP burns in HELL.

Offender: Sunstar Corp
Country: USA   State: Michigan   City: Lansing
Address: 5724 Kaynorth Reference:GA-MX1-DR
Phone: 5172043487

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