Magellan Behavorial Health
Victimizes the victims again, unprofessional, uncaring, scum suckers

Megallan is responsible for about 1 out of every 3 American's mental health care. My husbands indeminty plan pimped out the mental health part to these incompetent "professionals."

My daughter was coming off a 3 day run of crystal meth, threatening suicide (heard by police as well as school officials) and I was told she would have to "flunk" out patient therapy at least once and more likely twice before they would put her into a rehab.

After brain storming with other medical friends (I was an RN for 20 years) I spoke with numerous staff at Magellan and was finally told of a rehab in Portland she could be evaluated at. After taking her there (upon there recommendation) her entire bill of $19,700 was refused.

According to many local psychologists I have now networked with, this is the NORM for this company. Unless a client has a knife sticking out of their chest, Magellan NEVER feels that anyone needs in patient therapy. (per the psych. at the facility) They refuse to put into writing their liability when it comes her surviving.

Please someone care enough to take this company down. You can read on the internet how many millions of dollars they have been fined for etc.

Offender: Magellan Behavorial Health
Country: USA   State: Maryland   City: Columbia
Address: 6950 Columbia Gateway Dr
Phone: 8004582740

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