Body Of Change
Ripoff, slick - They make you sign iron clad contracts then they don't perform.

I was called by a Body of Change Rep who offered a free training session. I came in for the session and he had a great sales presentation, offered to train me and give me nutrition advice/meal plan, he weighed me, measured body fat, and requested that I record 3 days of what I had eaten. I came in after the session for another meeting and signed the contract. After I signed the contract, I came in the next day for another scheduled session. (The trainer offered 5 sessions free for an orientation)

I was greeted by a manager for Body of Change. I asked for my trainer. She stated that the trainer only did introductions and that he didn't actually train clients. (strike 1) Then she said my trainer wasn't there today. (strike 2) I came in for a scheduled session and was not informed of a schedule change. She was condescending and said I was being 'PC, politically correct' when in fact I was only under the impression that the trainer was 'suppose' to be my trainer. So she scheduled me for a session the next day with another trainer.

I came during the scheduled time for my session. I was greeted by a college aged female trainer. (I didn't have a preference for age, sex or race) (1) She did not know anything about my history, health condition etc before starting the session. She giggled and stared off into space while I was doing repetitions. She didn't count my reps and when I was done with the exercise, she looked at me for what to do next.

The next night I came in and spoke with another Body of Change representative who agreed to change the personal trainer because I had complained about the trainer. At that time, I spoke with the manager again and she scheduled me with another trainer.

I met with this new trainer 3 times. The first two sessions we worked out arms/upper body, the last session we worked out legs. He said the session was free because he was offered a job change into Supervisor and that he couldn't be my trainer anymore. He never mentioned a diet/meal plan and did not measure my progress. After he mentioned that he could not be my trainer, I told him that I was going to stop my sessions that the sessions were a waste of time and more hassle than it was worth to me personally.

I sent in a 30 day notice and letter of complaint that demanded that I shouldn't have to pay a $250.00 cancellation fee for the cancellation and that I think I should be refunded for the sessions.

9 Days later I get a call from the manager stating to the effect that I need to pay the cancellation fee. Then 5 days later I get a call from a San Diego Regional manager that I have to pay the fee or they will continu to deduct money from my account. They didn't perform on their end of the contract and their performance on the contract was substandard to their sales presentation. This is a pure 'bait and switch' arrangement and the worst part is they make you sign this rediculous contract.

Buyer Beware!

Offender: Body Of Change
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Phoenix
Address: 20430 N. 19th Ave., Suite 140
Phone: 8883572474

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