CVS Pharmacy
Extremely Bad Service on Needed Prescriptions

Two times in two weeks I have been negligently victimized by unthoughtful if not unethical business practices at this CVS. First with a 102 fever and a severe infection, I asked them on Friday afternoon to please call my doctor for a prescription (I gave them the phone number). On Saturday morning when I arrived... no prescription... no record of anything. The Saturday people simply blamed it on the Friday people and said they had no control and couldn't do anything. I couldn't start my medications because of this until Monday afternoon, by which time I was even more seriously ill. On Monday they said they had "faxed" a prescription request. Why they would fax when instructed to call, and secondly to a number that was obviously not a fax, and not check to see whether it went through or not seems unbelievably unprofessional if not stupid (obviously my doctor's office told me they never received a fax or even the sound of a fax coming in on their voice line).

A week later after that fiasco, my doctor (now treating me for a severe sinus infection which they feared might be moving to my brain) wanted me immediately on large dose antibiotics in order to hopefully avoid possible surgery. This time my doctor called into the same Pharmacy on Friday afternoon around 1:30pm. I couldn't arrange to pick up my medications until Saturday around 1:30pm. They hadn't filled the prescription (at least this time they knew it existed). She said they had probably just been too busy to fill it (this is 24 hours later mind you) and again blamed the Friday staff. She said the prescription would be ready in 20 minutes. I asked her if this was unusual for a prescription to take 24 hours to fill. She replied (with some attitude) that if no one said it was an emergency, yes, and she could either fill the prescription or argue with me about it. I went home and got a phone call about 20 minutes later (the first time they had called me, mind you) saying they were out of that antibiotic but they could send me to another store to fill it.

Okay, if anyone can't see how many kinds of wrong this all is I must be crazy. But if I am and there's a prescription to fix it, I'm certainly not filling it at CVS. I'm done with these thoughtless and unprofessional people who obviously are in some business other than health care.

Offender: CVS Pharmacy
Country: USA   State: California   City: Hollywood

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