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Horrible customer service - release insurance funds for exam - Contact lens exam

Here is my experience at Optical Outlets in the Seminole Town Center Mall in Sanford, Florida. Absolutely horrendous customer service experience (quite possibly the worst I've ever had). I had an exam at Optical Outlets and the prescription the doctor prescribed was different than the one I had last year, which was done at a different eye doctor office (-1.0 at Optical Outlets vs. -1.25 at other place the year before). As soon as I walked out I noticed that my vision was not as clear as with the earlier prescription. But I thought it was maybe that I just had to get used to it. Then I had to go out of town on business and realized that it wasn't getting any better and there was definitely something wrong with my contacts. My vision was blurry in the distance. So, as soon as I got back from my trip, the first thing I did was to go back to Optical Outlets to tell them about my vision problem. The lady I spoke to (unfortunately, I don't remember her name) told me that the -1.0 was the right prescription for me since the doctor did a "full" exam and that's what he prescribed. I kept telling her that I couldn't see clearly (but I could just a week ago with my old contacts), but she kept insisting that there was nothing wrong with the contacts from Optical Outlets. She told me that the prescription can change from year to year… blah blah blah… and I kept telling her that I couldn’t see clearly. She finally ended up consulting the doctor, who also insisted that the prescription of -1.0 was correct. I then, again, mentioned that my prescription was -1.25 last year and I could see just fine then. The lady told me that she couldn't help me and told me that if I wanted another exam, I would have to pay for the exam again. I really couldn't believe my ears when she said that. She refused to give me a follow-up consultation (which should be included in the initial exam my insurance company covered) and had the nerve to tell me to pay for another exam with a doctor who couldn't get it right the first time. I told her I would go somewhere else then and have another eye exam so I could at least get contacts that fit. Her coworker then informed me that I could exchange the boxes of contacts that had been ordered for me already (with the -1.0 prescription that wasn't right for me) with another prescription as long as it was the same brand. I then left and made another exam appt with the same eye doctor I went to last year. He did the exam, and as expected, my prescription was -1.25 on both eyes, with my right eye being borderline -1.50. AND…. VOILA… I could see clearly again with my new contacts!! At this point it became very apparent that I had been lied to and cheated out of my insurance money by the place in Sanford, so I called my insurance company to explain what happened. I told them that I did not ever want to set foot into Optical Outlets again, not even to exchange my correct prescription for the ones that they were holding for me (with my insurance funds tied up). They informed me that I just needed to call Optical Outlets in Sanford to release the funds for the materials so I could get my contacts at the other eye doctor office with the correct prescription. That’s exactly what I did, but whoever answered the phone at the Sanford outlet was giving me the run-around and again wasn’t trying to help me, citing that the store manager would have to make that decision and he/she was in an all-day meeting. That’s when I sent an e-mail through the Optical Outlet Web site and a few hours later I was contacted by someone at the corporate headquarters telling me that it was taken care of and my insurance funds were released. WOW! So much time wasted on trying to get this corrected and now I have to file an appeal with my insurance company to get reimbursed for my second, correct exam… only because the incompetent people at the Sanford Optical Outlet refused to help me get the correct prescription. UNBELIEVABLE. Needless to say, I’ll never go back to Optical Outlets and I’ve informed my coworkers, friends and family members to stay clear of the Sanford place at all cost should they have any vision issues. The insurance company rep., my other eye doctor, as well as everyone else was also baffled by the way I was treated and couldn’t believe that there is a company out there that engages in shady business practices like the one I experienced.

Offender: Eye Doctor's Optical Outlet
Country: USA   State: All USA

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