Northeast Georgia Medical Center Inc
Dr Hogue

March 29-2011, i was having problem with my back and legs. I had started losing my bowel without knowing. My doctor told me to go to hospital to see what was going on. So i did. Dr Hogue came into my room and ask me what was going on. He left the room and a nurse came in. She took my vitals. She said Dr Hogue told her to give 2 shots. I ask her what was that. She said one is for pain and one to help me not get sick. So i ask if Dr Hogue to come back in so that i can tell him what what Dr wanted me to let him know. Nurse told me he will be back in to talk to me but he never came back.

I called my Dr my doctor and told her that they did not run any tests and told my doctor that something is not right. They told me to call the doctor oncall and his name was Dr Rosman. He call me back at home and i told him the same thing. He said go back to the hospital and tell them to run tests. So when i got back to the hospital, Dr Weaver came in and ask me why i was there. I told her. She left my room and a nurse came in to give me another shot. I said i need testing. She said let me go tell them. So here comes Dr Hogue and i was trying to tell him what my doctor sent me up here for and Dr Hogue said that he was not going to do anything for me and he had 2 security men outside of my room! Which i still don't understand but Dr Hogue said to me that he want me out of his hospital and never come back or i am going to jail.

If somebody need to talk to me they can call me 678-450-7200 or email me

Offender: Northeast Georgia Medical Center Inc
Country: USA   State: All USA

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