Horrible IUD choice: Mirena

I got my IUD in almost exactly 10 months ago and it was lifechanging. Not in a good way either! I searched for years for a birth control that was easy to use and didn't make me feel like I was pregnant, but ten times worse, as most hormone BCs do to me. I wanted to try the mirena and when it dropped in cost with my insurance provider I immediately got my Mirena. I have had more health issues since then than I've had in years. I have had a lot of sharp abdominal pain, heartburn, severe migraines (I even saw neurologists and had a brain tumor scare), severe change in vision, issues regulating my moods, etc. And it's so easy to find explainations for SOME of the issues and when I'd see a doctor I'd always say "By the way, I'm on the Mirena." Only one doctor, my GP, thought it could be contributing to my problems. My new OB is such a fan of this thing that he thinks there's no way that a woman can have longer periods on it, irregular, etc. "Those must be contributed to something else." No sir, I don't believe that. I'm having this thing yanked out. I'm almost in constant pain these days from one thing or another and I feel like a crazy person going to doctor after doctor. I'm going to get it removed and pray that the 30 pounds I've gained since insertion drop, along with all of the other odd symptoms I'm suddenly experiencing. I think women should definitely do what they feel is best for them, but I know that for all the women I've known on Mirena, they've all hated it. Gotten it removed early, or on time and never had it re-inserted.

Offender: Mirena
Country: USA   State: Texas

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