Strong Memorial Hospital
Horrible Care for Inpatient Mental Health

My family member, who had been horribly depressed because of a very painful health condition, attempted suicide. She was admitted to a medical unit where she did not receive any counsiling whatsoever for 4 days and then was transfered to the most horrible psych unit I have ever seen. They mix them in with murderers and rapists, etc, who stand outside her door and yell about how they are going to kill so and so when they get released and exactly how they are going to do it. They are not allowed to have a cell phone, tv, or anything to do at all but either stay in their room alone and terrified or be brave and venture out to mix in with people who are talking to themselves violently, pounding on their chests etc. I didn't even want to walk past them, so I can't imagine how horrible it must be for her to be stuck there. Since she has been there, she hasn't eaten because she is too afraid to go get the food because of the way the creepy men talk to her. She is afraid to take a shower, which is down the hall. The "group" meetings is the only support thing that they offer and she is afraid to go to that. How is someone who, couldn't even bring themself to go to a therapist as an outpatient, expected to go for the first time to speak about her personal problems in front of a group of scary men who are violent. When I tried to talk to staff, they just took it out on her and said "So I hear you've been calling people and complaining about us!" The worst of it is that, not only do they not do a single thing to help her so that she won't try suicide again, they are just sticking her there for a whole week and then releasing her to go home where she can just do it again. They claim that inpatient mental health is not for therapy, it is just meant to get them out of a crisis. Well how?! How are they getting her out of it? They aren't doing anything at all. They gave her pills that give her horrible side effects and don't work and that's it. They take a depressed person and put them in the most depressing conditions and expect them to get better. Noone will help me. I went all the way to the director who just blew me off. Basically, anyone who was nice just agreed with me but said they were sorry. They agreed the system is very flawed but there was nothing they could do about it. I can see now why they don't allow cell phones. They told me it was because they have cameras. Obviously, they don't want people to take pictures of their conditions there! Oh, and if you want to call your loved one, you have to call a phone in the hall that rings for an hour and then disconnects. No one ever picks it up and tells the patient that they have a call. So peice of advice, if someone you love does this and ends up in the hospital, don't lie to them and say..."At least now you will get the help you need" Because they won't! This country has failed horribly with the mental health system. This is the biggest hospital anywhere around our area and if it is this bad, what hope do we have?

Offender: Strong Memorial Hospital
Country: USA   State: New York   City: Rochester

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