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Horrible experience

I had to have several teeth removed, so I made an appointment with Katsur Dental as my insurance would cover anesthesia and my dentist was not able to give anesthesia for such a large number of teeth. And of course, I wanted anesthesia. I went to the consultation, informing them from the beginning I wanted nitrus as my choice of anesthesia. After all, that was the main reason I was coming to them, otherwise I would have stayed with my dentist whom I liked and had done business with for many years. I waited five weeks for this appointment. The week leading up to it, my PCP had to call in some xanax as I was having much anxiety over this procedure as this was scary. I also filled my freezer with ice cream and soup as I figured I would be eating these things for about a week or so. And a good friend, who is gainfully employed took the day off work to take me to this appointment. Basically, I had everything ready so that the morning of the procedure, I could just go, have it done and go home and relax.

After arriving that morning, I filled the paperwork out and then was requested by the ignorant receptionist to pay $100 for the nitrus. I explained to her that my insurance covered this, I KNEW that. They said No it didnt. So, I contacted the insurance company right on the spot, at which time I was again told by my insurance rep that yes, it WAS covered and I passed the phone to the receptionist who continued to argue with the insurance rep that it did not. Who argues with the company that actually pays for the procedure? right, Katsur. Anyway, it was getting late and I just wanted this to be OVER with, so I went to the ATM and pulled out the $100 and put it on her desk, but I told her that I wanted her to apply for authorization of this charge that I knew was covered and when it came back approved, I was going to sue them for this $100. I was then thrown out by this Dr. Kelly, who several years prior was a very nice man, who has obiously changed over the years. Thrown out.

Now, I have to go through it all over again, simply due to their inability to handle their business. Maybe I should not have threatened to sue them, I get that, but I didnt owe that and I am on SS and that is basically my electric bill, so why should I just hand this rude and ignorant company over money I didnt owe, who was being told by my own insurance company it was covered. It is my opinion that they would have just taken my cash money and billed my insurance company too as I never see the bills submitted to the insurance company. I mean, what else makes sense here?

this was a horrible experience and I extended not only additional expenses to be ready for this appointment, but all the emotional stress and anxiety leading up to the appointment that I only have to go through yet again, due to bad business practices from Katsur dental and Dr. Kelly.

Offender: Katsur Dental
Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: West View

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