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Bad experience

I had a hair straightening job done by JC Penny Dayton salon - master designer Sara Rose and I should say that I am thoroughly disappointed by the treatment that I have got.

I had already got a similar treatment done in India more than 8-9 months back and my hair had responded to it very well that I just loved it. Since it was a long time that I had done it, I thought of redoing it as I had started getting few waves in my hair and also lot of baby hair in the front which were frizzy.

I had a consultation with her before we started and I told her very specifically that I wanted to remove the waves and the frizzy hair in the front and I did not want to straighten the complete hair. I wanted it to be done on the crown and the front hair as I was fine with the rest of the hair being the way they were. She told me that all these issues would be fixed and Opti Smooth would work for my hair (I believe that I got the same treatment done in India too) and I got an appointment fixed to get it done. Since I was not straightening my complete hair, she gave me a 20% off from the regular fee of 85$.

On the day of appointment when I went to the salon, I saw that she has a different product with her and not Opti Smooth. She told me that it is very similar to opti smooth and works the same way. I had read a lot about the hair straightening treatments before I had been to the salon and in almost all the places, it talked about pre treatment, treatment and post treatment phases. During my appointment, Sara told me that this product is not harmful for the hair and does not require any pre treatment protection. So after washing my hair, she applied the product directly on my hair and kept it on my hair for 20 mins. During this time, she came and combed my hair some 2-3 times (This whole process was very diff from what I have read and the treatment that I have got from India but I thought that I should be trusting her and kept quiet). After this hair was washed and she blew dried my hair and set it and it looked perfect and I gave her a generous tip too.

I was supposed to be washing my hair only after 48 hours and when I did that after the said time, I had the biggest shock of my life. My hair after washing looked almost exactly the same way as it was before. It had the waves, frizzes etc.

I went and met this lady to check about this. She told me that the treatment has not gone well with my hair and she had no clue as to why that has happened! She gave me the justification that no treatment completely removes the frizzes and the waves and she followed the instructions as mentioned in the product! But after the previous treatment, my hair did not have any frizzes and waves after it was done. When I asked her what next can be done on my hair to fix it, she asked me to go for a carotene treatment which is another 80$ and she could give me 20% off on that!!Already I have spent so much on my hair, I would not be going for that and more than that I don't trust her anymore!! There is no guarantee that it would remove all the problems that I had with my hair!!

Offender: JCPenny Salon
Country: USA   State: All USA

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