Gold's Gym
Their business practices were poor and unethical

I recently returned home to Texas for the summer, after living in Utah to attend college. I wanted to cancel my membership, so I called the gym I had a membership at and asked to have my account cancelled. They said that they couldn't cancel it there, but could give me the phone number for corporate headquarters, where, theoretically, I could cancel my account. When speaking to an employee at the corporate office, I asked what steps I would have to take to cancel my account. I was informed that there had to be a reason to cancel (such as moving- apparently just wanting to cancel a contract is not reason enough), and that if the reason was relocation, that I had to provide some kind of proof of relocation. This could be in the form of a lease agreement, a utility bill, a check stubb, or forwarded mail. My mail is not being forwarded to me, I am living in my parents' house, and therefore my name is not on the utility bill, nor do we have a lease agreement. I am currently employed as a private nanny, and recieve private checks. Thus I have no check stubb. When I explained my situation to the employee, I was informed that there was no other way for me to prove my relocation (they don't accept bank statements). When I replied that I needed to cancel, or I would have to pay for the next two years until the contract expired, she listed off (again) what proof of relocation they accepted, and said there was nothing else I could do. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. I was informed that she was in a meeting, and was likely to be so all day. I asked if there was anyone I could speak to, in person, who was in some kind of management position. The answer was no, they were all in meetings. When I asked if they would be available tomorrow, and at what time, the answer was no. They offered to transfer me to the voicemail of the supervisor, although when she will listen to it and respond is beyond me, since apparently she is in meetings during all business hours. I left the message, but I would be shocked if my call were returned. Needless to say, the customer service was terrible, their business practices were poor and unethical, and I would never recommend them.

Offender: Gold's Gym
Country: USA   State: Utah   City: Provo

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