20/20 Optical
Sold me defective glasses

Luigi and Giannina Coppiano, co-owners of a family business 20/20 Optical in Deerfield Beach, FL had failed to deliver what they promised in their product and it cost me $475. I have a high prescription and from experience, I make sure I get a guarantee from the optician that they can provide me with what I am looking for -- a pair of well-made high-indexed eyeglasses -- and I received that guarantee from the owners.

On Saturday, October 17, 2009, I talked to Giannina Coppiano at lengths about exactly what I wanted: 1. The cut and thickness of my lens 2. No bright white edges around my lens. I wanted them like my current glasses, which were made very well in Michigan five years ago. She guarantees that they can do it. I came back on Monday, October 19 to talk to Luigi, who is the optician and brother, and he went so far to say he can make them better than my current glasses and I would hardly see any bright, white edges around the lens. They had given me their guarantees which I had sought desperately for because of other disappointments I had with optical stores. They repeatedly tell me they make them all the time in their 30 years in the business. At this time, there was no “No Refund” sign around. So I made my purchase. My receipt indicates that refunds can be made. Over two months, Luigi tried to redo my glasses 3 times in two different frames because he was not having any luck making them like we discussed. On December 9, I took the glasses home because Luigi insisted that I tried to get used to them even though I didn’t like the way they look.

On Saturday, December 2, I returned to the store to drop off the glasses because I couldn’t get used to them. In my frustration, I tried to help Luigi by bringing information from the internet about multi-coating, a process to remove white edges, on the glasses. He got angry. He says that he doesn’t want me to tell him how to do his job. He also called the police because he didn’t like it when I stated a couple of times, in front of his customers, that he said satisfaction guaranteed. He then told me to talk to his sister on Monday and naturally, I thought I will get my full refund.

On Monday, December 7, I went by the store to see Giannina and she said she can give me $50 and then $100 refund on my $475 purchase, which I find unacceptable. During our conversation, she was trying to intimidate me by threatening several times to call the police while we were talking calmly in her office. Giannina also stated she will no longer fix my glasses. She used the phrase “fire me” and I take that to mean she won’t make any more attempts to repair the glasses. She also states she will not give me a full refund even though the receipt implies that I can get a refund on purchases. The receipt is attached. Not only can I not see out of the periphery of glasses, but the lens were not cut and situated well in the frame and have the unsightly white, bright edges around the lens. Luigi and Giannina were now saying what I want is impossible to make. If that’s the case, they should have never taken on this endeavor. I have proof with my old glasses that they are possible to make and my prescription has not changed. If they can’t guarantee their work, they should have just told me upfront instead of wasting so much of my time, energy, and money.

On Wednesday, December 9, 2009, I stopped by Royal Palm Optical in Boca Raton for their opinion and to see whether they can repair my glasses. The lady at the store looked at my glasses and did not understand why 20/20 Optical refuses to give me a refund. She said she doesn’t want to fix someone else’s work because she can’t guarantee that it might not get damaged in the process.

Offender: 20/20 Optical
Country: USA   State: All USA

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