Shorting pill on prescription

I have a prescription for Adderall XR for 60 pills each prescription (30 day supply). Over the past 3-4 months I have found that near the end of the 30 days I seem to be short several days pills and have to take one a day instead of 2 a day. Since the prescription is for AADD in the beginning I assumed that it was me and that some how I either took an extra pill or dropped one somewhere. After several months though I have started to wonder if I have been actually given the correct amount of pills. My husband picked up my prescription for me on Oct.9th, 2014; (next month I am going to count them before I leave the store) so I did not take any that day. It is now October 13th and after taking today's dose decided to count the pills; counted 42 pills. I have only taken 4 days worth a total of 8 pills BUT there should be 52 pills left as the prescription is for 60 capsules. I know that if I call them they will tell me that I need to count them in the store before leaving and since in the past some of the staff have been incredibly rude and because it is a controlled substance seem to think that anyone taking it is some how an addict or something. I am 61 and have been taking Adderall for the last 10 years; since being diagnosed with AADD 10 years ago and taking Adderall the difference in my life is remarkable. I used to think I was stupid because I couldn't seem to understand things easily and had difficulty comprehending or was easly overwhelmed when learning something new. Since the diagnosis (and finding out I was in the top 5% for intelligence and top 2-3% in other categories) and realizing that I wasn't stupid the Adderall has made all the difference (tried other medications but they did not work). To be treated like you are a drug abuser at my age and over something that has changed my life is rude and insulting and very unprofessional. The fact that they seem to be shorting me on my medication makes me wonder about the staff and is someone shorting numerous customers of their Adderall assuming that they do not count their pills when they get them or do they weigh them and not count them and the CVS gets to make extra profit on each prescription. Next time I will count the pills at the counter in front of them. Will write an update next month around Nov. 9th or 10th.

Offender: CVS
Country: USA   State: Massachusetts   County: Bristol   City: Somerset   Zip: 02725
Address: 1587 Brayton Point Road

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