I am a pregnant woman, and almost in my 230 weeks. I went to the CMC(Carolinas Medical Center) university (which locates in charlotte, NC) distinguish if water or pee was leaking from my bottom. The STUPID and RUDE Dr. Powell (I really don't want to call him Dr, because he toally does not deserve that tilte.) did a cervical check for me. He just rapidly insert his fingers to my vagina, and hurt me a lot. I felt vey painful. However, he just ignored my feeling and continued his behaviour rudely. After his check, I went to bathroom and found there was bleeding from my bottom. I was so scary and cried. I never see this fresh and red blood after my pregnancy, and worried about my baby's safe. I was afraid an ealier delievery would happen after this damned man's rude check. I really want to give him a slap, however he never showed up afterwards. the nurse came to comfort me and I went home later. However, these days, Once I though about this thing, I stll felt scary and would like to fight the damned man. I know it's like a nightmare for me, I can't ignore it so easy. Why he is so irresponsible and doesn't care about patient feeling? Why he is so rude and inhumane? I can't forgive him. The pain and bleeding makes me feel humiliated. I shudder to recall this bad man and his rude behaviour.

Offender: Person
Country: USA   State: All USA

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