Child Protective Services
true child abusers!

As said best by late Senator Nancy Schaefer
here is a perfect example of it being true. For past 5 years these low life scumbags have been lying not only to the court but to my two little children and favoring their mentally ill mother who has been diagnosed by forensic psychologist Dr Lober wit multiple mental disorders including bi-polar disorder.
These lying parasites at CPS Elane Dickerson, Kevin Carpenter, Ed Heepe,
had lied to my children telling them they do not have to call their father every day, who the hell these under paid scum think they are but as soon as Melissa Leonard and her demanted Dolores Porco Leonard had paid Elane Dickerson to favor the mother as I have been told thats only the one caseworker they all are on the payroll being bribed by Dolores Porco Leonard whos worth millions she stole and hid from her own family. Who do these scum think they are telling two little children don't call your father every day, when there is a "SUPREME COURT ORDER" issued by Westchester Supreme jdg that intitles to at least two phone calls with both of my children, which their mentally ill mother Melissa Leonard has been violation for 2 years, phone records do not lie, but people like her who are doing everything to destroy the childrens relationship is a compulsive lier. Lying to every one she can that my children are afraid of me telling the court I use photo shop to make the children smile in our photos.... now how can any normal person beleave that!!!
This lying scum Elane Dickerson and Kavin Carpenter who are clearlly showing favoritisim for the mentally ill mother refuse to return my calls regarding my visitations with my children which they have been doing delibaratly to keep me from seeing my children. The mother has used them to help her and now she took of out of state with out leting lawyers know telling my children to lie to me as to where they are as she did before. Taking our children to her own abuser molester bigget anti-samite Fransic Leonard aka (Archy Bunker) in De Pere Wisconsin who molester Melissa and Lohn Leonard when they were young as it has been told by other people and even by John J Leonard himself. This crooked lawyer John J Leonard who worked for Marc Dreier the corrupt lawyer who stole tens of millions from his clieants with help oj John J Leonard who was his right hand men, but he bailed to Cali when Dreier got caught taking god knows how many millions with him, that whole family Porco Leonard are crooks just google Porco they kill their own family for money , like one Chris Porco who chooped up his parents so he can gain family millions of dollars.
It's beyond me how can these parasites at cps can ignore Supreme Court orders and refuse to let me see my children and tell two little children lies about their father.
Where does a little child get the idea to say to his father and his grandperants "we don't have to see you jews anymore" and bringing this up to the anti-samite judge Tolbert who failed to enforse his orders leting the defendant get away with keeping my children from me and their grandperants for 5 years on every single Jewish Holiday!!!
Same goes for the law guardian John Belmonte this past April I was to see my children for Passover Holiday which the mother failed to let me take my children, leaving message for this prick law guardian was a waist he never returned my call even after sending him the Supreme Court Order which clearly states I was to see my children for our Jewish Holiday,
another bigget anti-samite the only thing he needs to wear to court is his white sheet and the cone hat from his clan. What normal law guardian will not let the little children be with their father despite of knowing the mother had used the children to lie about neglect. As well as this crooked state trooper Mario Velez who the mother screwed to help her has this crook brake in to my office at my home threated my son who was 7 yrs old to lie for his mother. This corrupt trooper Velez has been in the news for past 6 yrs himself for over stepping his power and badge and abusing beating threatnig students at Hen Hud school where he worked as a resorce officer.... these two worthless scums left so much evidance that tropper Velez broke in to my office and even was seen making out with my childrens mother while they were in the house.
I guess the dead presidants from Dolores Porco Leonard showed them the way!! Just like the judge who overruled him self and is the only judge in westchester who has the most complaints against him and who has been or is sued by at least 12 banks for default on payments...... real nice a judge!!!

Offender: Child Protective Services
Country: USA   State: All USA

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