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In December of 2008 I hired an oral surgeon to graft bone from my lower jaw to my upper gums, and place two dental implants in for me. (the k9 and the lateral). The total cost was $10,000. He did the bone graft, and we waited a few of months for the bone to heal. During this time the pain was immeasurable and never went away even 2 months after surgery. After months of waiting, I was still in pain. The Dr. told me quote "not to worry and that I was ready for implants." I felt unsure about this because I could see there was just not enough bone there. I could see this with my own eyes. Additionally there was bone protruding from my gums which was extremely painful. The bone was left protruding from my gums for months. The doctor told me the bone would flake off and to simply take Tylenol pm at night to help me sleep. The constant and steady pain was there even months after the surgery. I could not eat solid food for months because of the pain. Unfortunately I am not a surgeon, and I sought out the professional opinion of another maxillofacial surgeon in Manhattan. He informed me that the bone that was grafted was grossly inadequate, and would not be able to hold the implants for more than 6 months, in addition the gum line would look unnatural because of the failed bone graft. The doctor also told me that the technique used "on -laying bone" was prone to failing because the gums would easily tare open. I went back to my First Dr. provided this information, and he actually acknowledged this , he also told me he would fix it but that I needed to pay the balance of $2,070 for anesthesia fees. I was flabbergasted because the initial payment of $10,000 was supposed to cover all costs including anesthesiologist's fees. The contract clearly stated this! I asked for a copy of the contract and the office secretary told me "oh that was deleted a long time ago." Why would they delete an official dated contract with my signature on it. I have proof of full payment of $10,000 on my credit card and I am pursuing litigation at this point. I paid the first dentist $10,000 in full, he did not complete a bone graft and he did not put implants in, which he was paid for! On top of everything he tried to extort more money out of me, for "anesthesiologist fees" which were already paid for as per contract! The worst part out of all this was not the breach of contract but the unnecessary pain caused by the protruding bone, I was on a steady diet of vicodin from December of 2008 to April 2009. Essentially, I had to hire a new surgeon and go through the entire procedure all over again. ( Cost $10,700) Note to Attorney: The new surgeon is willing to testify under oath in court with proof of X-rays and full testimony on my behalf. I am trying to recover fees for the initial procedure , interest incurred on my credit card as well as the unnecessary pain and suffering I endured for months because of the surgery done incorrectly as clearly stated by other respected Maxillofacial surgeons in Manhattan.

Offender: Maxillofacial surgery services
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