Walgreen Co.
Racist pharmacist , Discriminating

The pharmacist I have been going to Walgreens pharmacy on Martin Luther king and camino el Norte for years and never had a problem until they fired all there workers and hired new people . There is a pharmacist name Peter who does not like me because I am black and a young woman , and he doesn't think I deserve to take medication. On December 23,2013 I had just left from getting surgery my friend picked me up and took pushed me in my walker with seat to the window . Peter then called my doctor told her to lower the quantity on my Xanax 2mg and give my roxycodone 30mg once a month or he would not fill them . My doctor explain I have had a surgery every 3 months since a doctor did the wrong surgery on me and that I had just left from surgery. He then told me I looked like I had took to many Xanax which I had not i had just left surgery. He filled my Xanax told me to come back January 10, 2014 for my roxycodone and so that is what I did. jan 11,2014 I called Walgreens to see if my kidney doctor had electronically sent my medicine over a woman answered the phone and said yes I then said can you please tell me if I'm due for my refill for carisoprodol 350 mg and the date I'm due for Xanax 2mg . The woman said your due for one of them hold on just a second. Then Peter the pharmacist got on the phone and said is this Alisa Hardy I said yes he said your not due for anything until the end of the month I told your family already and if this is you why don't you know when your prescription is due . I says ok and hung up the phone , later that day I went through the drive through to get my medicine that my kidney doctor sent over and I ask can you look in the system to see if my carisoprodol 350mg are due here is my identification I am Alisa Peter said no . When he walked off I ask the woman and she said yes ill have your carisoprodol ready in 2 hours I says thank you and left . 3 hours later I called to see if it was ready Peter answered the phone , he says what's your last name I said hardy he said your somas are ready but not Xanax I said I know the woman told me when they are due I'm only calling because she said it would be ready in 2 hours and I know you guys were really busy . He then says Is this Alisa hardy I says yes he said I'm not filling anything else for you come get your oxycodone prescription because I ask the woman the information he wouldn't tell me . Peter had already told me the oxycodone 30mg prescription was ready they were just waiting for my doctor to send the approval letter or to call them. I told him I wanted to speak to a manager and he hung up the phone .There are several African Americans who said Peter had caused them problems with getting there meds as well . I have 2 holes in my stomach that's left from a surgery that re opened my entire stomach , my doctor has tried stitching it a couple times but it keeps re opening from infection . I have a home nurse that comes to my house 3 times a week to clean the inside of my stomach that's open .I have a pinch nerve in my back that cause my left leg to hurt really bad . I donated 1 of my kidneys to my dad 2 years ago so every 3 months when I have surgery I loose blood that causes my kidney to go week. I have adhesions that attack my scar on my stomach from the inside and my bowels and make them lock up so I have to get surgery or I'll die . My doctor told me I will have to get surgery for the rest of my life . I'm in excruciating pain and now the pharmacist Peter is denying all if my meds because he has a problem with black people. He frowns and look at me like I'm nothing but gum on the bottom of his shoe . He makes me so uncomfortable I feel scared for my life when I go there . And the managers are letting him get away with it . There corporate office doesn't return your calls in 48 hrs like there supposed to. I will take a lie detector test and bring all of my medical records in for proof . I am a 31 year old female with 4 children and in pain emotionally and physically.

Offender: Walgreen Co.
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 200 Wilmot Road Deerfield IL 60015
Phone: 8479142500
Site: www.walgreens.com

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