Northgate Smiles

Northgate Dental Center
11066 5th Ave. NE #208 Seattle, WA 98125 (206) 362-1516
One of the most rewarding experiences of my life was having some dental work done at Northgate Smiles in Northgate, Washington. I know what you%u2019re thinking; rewarding experience and dental work is an oxymoron (the two don%u2019t go together). But it%u2019s true. I%u2019ve had plenty of dental work in my 64 plus years on this earth so I know from whence I speak. I%u2019ve even had the experience where the Dentist put his knee in my chest to extract a wisdom tooth (the tooth was wise but he wasn%u2019t). But getting back to Northgate Smiles, from the time you walk into its waiting room there is an atmosphere of calm. The décor is not only tasteful but also reassuring. The professionalism and friendly approach of the reception staff when they greet you further adds to a comfort feeling that everything is going to be alright. Dr. Karla Aylen and her support staff made the whole process of injecting nova cane, the drilling the scraping seamless and pleasant. Did I say getting needles, drilling and scraping where pleasant? Yes I did because it was. In fact, we joked (well I mostly joked) and laughed a lot during the entire process and on both visits. They must have thought me weird to be joking like that but they made me feel so safe and comfortable. Most dentists want to get you in and out %u201CNEXT%u201D. But Dr. Karla and her staff made it seem as if I was the only patient for that day. She when over and over each procedure many times until she deemed it perfect. This next statement might seem politically incorrect but I will say it any way. I LIKED, NO LOVED THE FACT THAT THE ENTIRE STAFF WHERE WOMEN- HURRAH FOR THEM.
Sincerely, RONALD FAUNTLEROY (Still smiling)

Offender: Northgate Smiles
Country: USA   State: All USA

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