Sono Bello Body Contour Center
Buyers Beware!

Buyers beware! Sono Bello in Stone Oak area has questionable practice. First of all, they do not seem to understand the basics of honoring an appointment; Second, heir office hours stated on their website are not consistent with their hours shown on their door. Third, they care ONLY about making money. You are at your own peril to seek treatment there.

Real story. Upon receiving an appointment confirmation email from Sono Bello, I excitedly showed up at the time and date indicated in my email, only to find the office was completely shut. No light, no cars in the parking lot, not a soul. The contact number in my confirmation email had no response when dialed; the 800 number on the main web page was answered by someone in Atlanta who did not know what to advice me, as she did not know the actual availability of the office staff. The operator did attempt to leave a message to the staff

After waiting another 15 minutes in front of the office, I saw a man pulling into the empty parking lot in a beat up SUV. He walked into the backdoor of the office with his head down as if he was trying to hide from someone.

This whole experience is kind of creepy to say the least. If that unkempt man was a doctor working in this empty building, no woman in their right mind would undress to show her most intimate parts in an empty building to this suspicious man. Sorry Sono Bello, there are plenty of other services who would love to compete for your customers.

Offender: Sono Bello Body Contour Center
Country: USA   State: All USA

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