Manufacturer of Glucosulin
Never could find out when I telephoned them Mfg company of Glucosulin has no human resource for questions

I tried to respond to a television commercial at an 800 telephone number. There was no way to speak with a human being; only a robotic answering service. It asked for personal informaton such as my address and phone number and indicated they wanted to send us Glucosulin free for a trial period. No company name was ever given.

I telephoned because I wanted to know which kinds of diabetes the weight-loss information applied to. It is dangerous to use some medications appropriate for Type 2 diabetes on Type 1 (juvenile) diabetics and/or gestational diabetes patients.

I was taken aback that no one was available to answer qustions or give a company name, address, etc. but they sure wanted my information and no allowance was made for questions about the product. Insulin use makes a patient fat, especially when there are multiple endocrine dysfunctions. When she was diagnosed at age 11, my daughter was a promising athlete. She swam a minimum of 5 miles per day year around and she weighed 100 lbs. at 5'2". Today, she weighs over 200 lbs.

I did not give any of the personal info they requested since they were not available to give me theirs.

Offender: Manufacturer of Glucosulin
Country: USA   State: Georgia
Site: TV commercial w/telephone number

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