Pit-Bull Nutritional Supplements
Inactive ingredients and toxins in their supplements

Pit-Bull Nutritional Supplements is selling products labeled as new, innovative, and based on the premise they do not use fillers or inactive ingredients but upon reading an ingredients label it appears they are using bait and switch tactics. Sadly, some of these ingredients are TOXIC and 8 out of the 13 ingredients found in just one product, the thermogenic, are inactive or toxic.

8 Reasons why NOT to buy Pit-Bull Nutritional Supplements Thermogenic.

1-Hoodia Gordonii
This product has ONE study to back it up with humans. It has been shown to be in active. This study focused on 1000 mg dose in EXTREMELY OBESE patients and the control group is very small. It was later shown that any effects of the study were due to a very strictly controlled low carb diet. One of its side effects is actually INCREASING appetite during work out leading to binging right after. Even chinese herbalists wont touch it.

Can lead to "fatty liver". This should be regulated and mostly from natural products. IF it is used in supplemental training products it must be a DERIVATIVE product. Thiamine is mainly concerned with synthesis of dietary fats into body fat for use by the metabolism. Fat loss has only been shown if you are deficient in this vitamin in the first place. It is not needed hen there are OTHER forms of VB in the product.

This is not a fat burning compound it is a "mood enhancer" and it used for as herbal treatment for depression. It is also a mental enhancement product used to improve alertness. It is NOT essential in the body.

4-Curry Powder
Inactive as a fat burner the active ingredient is turmeric and is too low a dose in this product to do anything anyway. Turmerics effects backed by research are not fat burning. Turmeric will be helpful in eliminating flatulence, hemorrhage, chest pains, colic, toothache, menstrual pains, bruises, and bloody urine as well as being an anti-inflammatory compound.

5-Cyanocobalamin Vitamin B12
NO FORM of B12 has been found to improve fat loss in any way. In fat loss terms it is an inactive ingredient.This is used as a medical treatment to improve nerve function, lowering risk of heart decease, efficient cell reproduction and blood immunity functions.

6-White Willow Bark Extract
A herbal form of aspirin and used by herbalists to treat fever, inflammation, arthritis and head ache. In the 1800's this was used to actually synthesise aspirin for pain killing as a medical function.

7- DL-Malic Acid
Used by high level athlete to increase oxygen supply to muscles and in the blood cells and should be used by body builders and athletes in synthesis with other minerals for best effect pre work out to increase output. It is used for reduced build up of toxic metals in the body, skin care, oral immunity and immune health. It is also used in cosmetic products.

8-Rhodiola Rosea
It must NOT be used on a prolonged basis. Any fat loss effects in studies have been attributed to low carb diets after further research. This has been found to be TOXIC to the CNS with side effects being nervous irritability, HEART PALPITATIONS and nervous restlessness. Acute dry mouth, PANICK ATTACKS, changing blood pressure. It also interacts with prescription medication. It also a blood thinner. If used with caffeine as advertised by Pit-Bullns it will SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE THE RISK OF HEART ATTACK.

Offender: Pit-Bull Nutritional Supplements
Country: USA   State: All USA
Site: www.pitbullns.com

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