Cosmetic and Skin Surgery Center
Dr. Michael R. Warner They recommended microdermabrasion and actually produced a large ice pick scar, by over treating an old acne scar on my left upper lip. It now looks like a pierced earing hole instead of a tiny pin h

I went to this office to see Dr. Warner to get help for tiny facial lines and pore size. I was told that microdermabrasion with Diamontome is what I should do.

Before treatment I asked about a scar that I didn't want to get any bigger and was concerned that this could happen with this treatment. This scar was very small and not really noticeable to others, just me. I was told by Bonnie that it would get smaller. I trusted her, and thought great.

This is not what happened, after six treatments this scar is now 2-3 times larger. She also removed some spider nevi from my nose with some laser she was wanting to try on me. Again, I didn't seek care for this problem either, but the spider nevi she removed from my nose now has two in the place the one I had before.

After, meeting with there office on 3 different occasions about this matter. I was basically told that the scar probably would have gotten bigger anyway. That they have never seen this happen before and anything can happen. They wouldn't even address the spider nevi issue.

They said the only thing I can do now is cut it out, and I am lucky that insurance will pay for it. I did not feel heard, until the 3rd visit at which time I demanded to be heard. Which I was, although Dr. Warner would have probably thrown me out if my husband was not there with me.

I never raised my voice, I had notes to keep my thoughts strait and I never used any profanity. Which I cannot say the same for Dr. Warner. He was very nervous and used profanity on two occasions during the appointment.

All I wanted for there office to be accountable. I paid them all they asked of me. They did not deliver what they said they would and could. I am now left with a worse problem than I had when I came. He asked what I wanted and I said I want all my money back that I spent with Bonnie, in light of the fact that I continue to pay for this mistake everyday when I wake up and look in the mirror.

I am now try to seek help from a really good Doctor. I plan to go to three highly reputable Doctors and see what they say about the grim prognosis of cutting it out. This is going be an expense that I have incurred by their office.

No, he did not refund my money and said that the treatment was successful and appropriate. I guess for him it was. For me, it most definitely was not.

Dr. Warner is a very slippery fellow. I will continue to pray for him. He's hard to forget, because I think of him everyday when I look in the mirror.

Offender: Cosmetic and Skin Surgery Center
Country: USA   State: Maryland   City: Frederick
Address: 63 Thomas Johnson Drive
Phone: 3016982424
Site: none

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