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Fraudulent, Scam, Liars, Bait and Switch, Cancellation Scam

Rather than type a new message, below is the letter I sent to their corporate headquarters, to Jill Gueling, VP of Operations, Louis Welch, President and Anthony Garcia, GM of the San Diego Club. I will update should they decide to resolve my complaint. To date, calling has results in no resolution.

I am contacting you (and Corporate Headquarters) regarding an incident at your LA Fitness Branch. I received a voicemail from a Vanessa at approximately 5 PM today regarding my daughters account, and left the number 619-466-6648. At 6:34 PM, I dialed the number, and a female answered the phone.

I asked for Vanessa and she said that she could handle the call. She looked up my account, and said, Your credit card was declined. I said, I am sorry, what was I charged for? My daughter signed up for a 3 month account for $99.00 and I was actually supposed to get a credit. I spoke to Jeremiah about this, and he said, no problem. I never checked to see if that happened, as my bills go to Ohio. What is the charge for? She said, Your monthly charge. I said, What monthly charge? She said, For Sandy. I said, Again, I was supposed to get a credit on my account. Am I still being billed? She said, You got a credit this month. I said, What was the credit for? Am I still being billed? She said, The charge didnt go through. I said Is there a Manager or someone I can speak with, because I dont think you understand what I am saying.

She said, Is your daughter in LA? I said, No, again my daughter is in Ohio and was only signing up for a summer membership. She said, Well you are all set, the amount wasnt charged, thank you very much for calling. I said, Wait a minute, I am not finished with this conversation, as it is clear that neither one of us understands what is going on. Can you please tell me whether or not I am being charged or credited each month? She hung up the phone.

I called repeatedly from 6:38 PM until 6:48 PM, and she would pick up the phone and hang it up immediately without saying anything. I had a friend, Kristin call from her phone (a completely different area code). She hung up on her twice without answering and then the third time said, LA Fitness. Kristin said, What time do you close? She was distracted and defensive and said, What?? Kristin said, What time do you close? She said, Eleven and hung up the phone.
I proceeded to call the other LA Fitness centers in The Valley, thinking they could call this facility. I reached a GM at the Van Nuys Club, and he was not very helpful at all, indicating that there are over 800 GMs all over the company and he didnt know what he could do. He said this call came from San Diego which really put it out of his control. I told him to just call up there and find out who keeps hanging up the phone. He refused. Next, I PLEADED with him to call the club and find out who the GM was and leave him a message for me. He agreed to do it, and when I asked him his name, he hesitated and said, Billy with no last name.

I went to and found another San Diego office and spoke with the GM there. He was very nice, and he shared that to my surprise, I am being billed monthly for services and there are no notes of the summer package or promised refund in the system. He didnt understand why San Diego was calling me to begin with. I asked him to find out who was sitting at the front desk at your club, and he told me to Call Corporate Headquarters give them the time and they would know immediately.

I called Corporate Headquarters on 949-255-7200 at 7:16 PM, and they were closed. Next, I called Kristin back and she told me that she had received several hang up calls and was unable to obtain a name. At 7:22 PM I called 619-466-6648 WITH KRISTIN ON THE LINE, and the female said, LA Fitness. I said, What is your name? She said, What? I said, What is your name? She said, Jessica. I said, And what is your title Jessica? She said, I am not going to give that to you. I said, I am calling Corporate Headquarters on you tomorrow. She said, I already spoke to Corporate so and I dont have to take you calling up here threatening me. I said, I am not threatening you. She said, I dont have to take you raising your voice at me. I said, I havent threatened you nor raised my voice. When I finally call you a B**ch, then I will be threatening you. She hung up the phone as I expected.

I find it egregious and unbelievable that my two experiences with LA Fitness are:

A promise to sign my daughter up for a summer package (about $99.00) and credit my account for the standard membership fee. Yet, I have been billed monthly.
Instead of the young female telling me that I was being billed monthly when I asked her the question, she chose to avoid telling me and hang up the phone. Next, she chose to hang up the phone on not just my calls, but other callers for at least 10-20 minutes. How does that happen and the person retain their job??? Kristin was on the line and can confirm.

Both of these scenarios show a lack of care or concern for a customer, potential ethics concerns, and outright disrespect on the behalf of Jessica (if that is even her real name. I think it may be Rebecca). Considering your motto listed online under who we are, I expect that these two situations are the exception and not the norm, and that you will address both.

I notice that you receive many complaints, particularly from scams and unauthorized credit card charges.

Offender: LA Fitness
Country: USA   State: California   City: Irvine
Address: 8105 Irvine Center Drive
Phone: 9492557200

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