CyberSonic (Amden Corp)
Does NOT deliver on what they promise! Shoddy customer service!

In December 2000 I ordered one Cybersonic Toothbrush system for a total of $109.00 -- I also opted to have the "free" replacement brushes sent to me 3 times a year, which would cost me an additional $4.95 for each shipment.

By October of 2001 I had NEVER received any replacement brushes. I called and e-mailed the company several times but never got through or got any response. Finally, in March of 2002 I managed to reach someone by phone, who promised me that the replacement brushes would be sent out. True to her word, I received my first package 3 weeks later. And then ANOTHER package of brushes about a month after that. Long story short -- at first I couldn't get ANY brushes sent to me, then all of a sudden I couldn't get them to stop coming! Between March of 2002 and January of 2003 I received a total of 7 replacement brush sets (and my credit card was dutifully charged for each shipment).

Trying to reach the company to tell them to halt shipments was even harder than trying to reach them to SEND the shipments had been! But my experience with CyberSonic didn't end there.

The literature that originally came with the toothbrush said that the battery unit SHOULD last approximately 2-3 years with average use. In August of 2002 my battery died (at that time, it was 18 months old). The literature said to contact the company (yeah, right!) and arrange to send the entire toothbrush unit back to them for battery replacement.

The replacement was supposed to cost $9.95 plus shipping. When I finally got ahold of the company, however, I was told that they were no longer honoring that "early" warranty, and that I would need to send them $39.95 for the "extended warranty" if I wanted my battery replaced for $9.95. Okay, so I already spent $109.00 on this I'd have to spend an additional $50.00 (plus shipping) to get the damn battery replaced? I said forget it! I've since found a really nice electric toothbrush at a local drugstore and I only paid $25.00 for it! CyberSonic is a rip-off!

Offender: CyberSonic (Amden Corp)
Country: USA   State: California   City: San Juan Capistrano
Address: 27132B Paseo Espada, BLdg 1200, Ste 1225

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