Household Protection Plus / Enhancement Service
Household Protection Plus / enhancement Service ripoff, false promises, victimized many consumers, caused hardship by taking unauthoized withdrawels from bank

I had gotten a return check ffe from my bank. I went to the bank and got copy of my statement. A company called Enhancement service was on there and they had taken out 99.00 from my acct with out my permission. While going through my records bank personnal came up with another withdrawel back in may of 2002. None of which i remembered or even could think of who they where. I was given 1-800-615-6140 to call.

Well I called and they identified themselves as Household Protection Plus. They said it was A household insurence policy. I told them I have never seen such a policy and told them I lived in Public Housing since i was Disabled and would have no need for any such policy.

I was told on April 3,2003 that they would close the policy and return my money. After a week and still no check and several bounced checks due to this withdrawel, I called back and was told it would take 14-20 days to process the refund. I waited about 18days and was told it had not been processed but was due to be sent out the following week and to call back in 3 days to make sure it was sent. I have been calling aobut 2-3 time a week since and still havent gotten my money returned.I was even put through to a supervisor but only got a voice mail which i left a message and demanded a call back.
Which was never returned.

Today i called and I asked for an address before i told them what i wanted and accually got the name of the person i talked to (Michelle) I asked to speak to her supervisor and she of course told me she wasnt in but her name was Christy and she is the only supervisor in customer service and the only one who could possibly transfer me to anyone higher. But before i hung up Michelle told me my check went out over a week ago then changed to oh well maybe it did just go out 5/9/03.

Its a good thing that i am just disabled and not stupid. So I started searching more about this company and was led here. I have every intention of getting my money back! Anyone that can give me more information or wants to talk to me please feel free to do so.

Offender: Household Protection Plus / Enhancement Service
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Jacksonville
Address: 13901 Sutton Park Dr South Suite 120
Phone: 8006156140

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