Has terrible customer service and billing procedures

I purchased TapOut XT in September of last year. Paid with my credit card and set it up for 2 additional installments for a total of 3 payments. The credit card I used had plenty of credit to cover the entire order but I opted for the payment plan to make it easier to pay off. For reasons unknown to TapoutXT, my payment didnt process for the 2nd payment due in October, but it processed in November for another payment. I noticed the 2nd payment never made it through so I called them 3 times to bring this to their attention. The first rep told me that there is nothing for me to do that it will automatically process through again, then he backtracked and said he wasnt sure if it would go through.

So I asked if I could just pay it right then with the same card, and just to process it through. According to him they didnt have that ability and didnt have the card on file, so I would need to call back with a different credit card. So I call back the next day and the rep gives me a different story. She says it will automatically bill me and if there is an issue they would call. Well, no phone call so I assumed no issue. A month later and I receive an email from Tapout stating my account has been to collections. Not once was I contacted by phone or email to make an attempt to pay this ever after I called two times to try and fix this error.

Stay away from these people. Their Customer Service department has no clue how to handle its customers, doesnt know or understand their billing practices and has no idea how to be professional or sound as though they have a clue as to whats going on in that company.

Offender: TapoutXT
Country: USA   State: All USA
Site: www.tapoutxt.com

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