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Sharnn Aarin Shepheard, DDS Bad deal

A little over 2 years ago, I went to Affordable Dental in Springdale, AR (Dr. Sharnn Aarin Shepheard). I paid $1,300 for removal of six teeth and got complete dentures. I received no copy of a dental care plan or contract. They were much more interested in getting my money than my care.

I was told it would be at least a year of healing before I could get my new permanent dentures (as I was considering implants). That said to me that I had to wait at least a year - a/k/a no hurry.

I called the other day to find out about implants and finalize my treatment. I was informed by the charming doctor that because I did not come back within a year's time, my contract was void, he would not complete the process and intended to KEEP MY MONEY! I don't think so.

There was never anything in writing saying I had only a year and that after that time, no services would be provided. He made that up. I spoke to him/his office, he was totally unpleasant and unprofessional and told me to SUE him.

I contacted their corporate headquarters and after my and their conversations with the doctor, I am receiving at least a partial refund and all my records so I can go elsewhere.

Avoid this guy. "He ain't right". I have only seen him for about 15 minutes total in my life. His staff did all the work. However, every time I saw him, he was unpleasant and angry (not at me, I just got there.)

After my dealings with him, it is very apparent that he has ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUES. He is a liar and not an honest person. He lied and said that he would not do anything for me because I swore at his secretary. I did NOT. I might have said something to the affect that "if you think you can keep my money, not provide the service I paid for and expect me to walk away, 'THE HELL I WILL". I said nothing stronger than that. "Hell" is an expected response when someone tries to steal $1000 of your money and brow beat you. He was very confident that he could get away with this. He can't.

I may not be able to further pursue this, as I did get some relief from their corporate headquarters. However, YOU ARE WRONG DOCTOR. I COULD SUE YOU AND WOULD WIN.

I may not take him to court but you can bet I will put in a bad word for him anytime and anyway I can. Shame on you! All I wanted is the service I contracted for and paid for. You are a rotten person.

Offender: Affordable Dentures
Country: USA   State: Arkansas   City: Springdale
Address: ? Gutensohn
Phone: 4798722700

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