Robin Aarnio
La Petit Comfort Day Day Spa Owner will beg,borrow and steal to make sure that she's "la petit comfortable".

Robin Aarnio of La Petit Comfort Day Spa in Coronado, CA will/has done anything to ensure her comfort above and beyond that of her clientele and personal friendships. Her lack of financial stability has landed her in two small claims lawsuits: employing an unlicensed hairdresser and refusing to pay back a personal loan in an amount exceeding $5000.00.

I first met Robin when an unlicensed hairdresser undressed my hair. He has since passed leaving her with a self admittedly owned debt of $1300.00. Bonding over this issue, I mistakenly made a personal loan out of a trust account and with personal on hand funds to assist Robin in paying her personal and professional bills. She was robbing Peter to pay Paul by writing checks to Alberson's, getting cash back from the check and gambling that the checks would clear in order to cover professional expenses at the day spa.

My efforts to assist Robin in making life a little more comfortable with a personal loan have done nothing but make my life uncomfortable. She has refused to repay the loan. She has refused to do speak to me. She has done everything (as my finances crashed and suffer from chronic homelessness) to ensure that life is my life is "la petit UNCOMFORTABLE" while she continues to exist in la petit comfort by lying to the courts, postponing judgement and taking money from innocent consumers.

This type of comfort, I could do without. Knowing Robin and having any dealings with her day spa have left a bitter taste and very uncomfortable outcome. In a small community, one should be held accountable for one's actions.

Stop robbing Peter to pay Paul, Robin. Do the honorable thing, the right thing and pay your debts. Do business with integrity. Check your employees licenses prior to them "operating" out of your day spa. $6500.00 isn't pocket change. It's my home! I had to move due to you!

Offender: Robin Aarnio
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 1309 Ynez Place
Phone: 6194359200

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