Two Drops of Beauty
STAY AWAY!!! Poor Customer Service

I originally bought a Groupon for Restylne for my lips. When I arrived, the girl that took me into a room, gave me the whole sales job about how I needed more then 1 syringe. She then left and came back with the" injector" who then confirmed that I needed 2 syringes for my lips, and I should get 2 more syringes for my face, Dysport, etc. I had never had my lips done before so I had no idea. I decided to go with 2 syringes. Again, I have never had my lips done so of course they gave me instructions on what and what not to do for the next 7-9 days. They said if I needed a follow-up appt. I could come back in 2 weeks. As I was paying, once again they gave the whole sales job about getting some product for my lips to help with fine lines, and keeping my lips young and full........Well guess what, I bought that too!!!!!!!!! I ended up paying over $900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I take full responsibilty for that and learned a tough lesson.

Well after the first few days I started to notice several "knots/ball like" under my skin and brusing in my lips. I call to make a follow-up appt. I ask the "injector" if this is normal??? She of course says well you need to massage it more and it will spread throughout the lip area. She did however add more Restylne to my bottom lip where it was flatter then the other side, at no cost to me.

Another week goes by and I get an email for holiday specials, so I call and ask to buy over the phone one of the specials $299.00 plus tax. I said I would use that at another time. Now a month goes by and I still have the knots in my lips, the bruising, and I hate the look!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I decide to call another place that I have gone to before to get Dysport and I really like the Doctor there. He does all his own injections and I trust his opinion. He takes one look at my lips, the knots that I have in my lips and under my lips within the skin area and shakes his head in disbelief. What 2 Drops of Beauty did was WRONG!!!!! When I contacted them to tell them I did not want to use the product that I bought to use at a later time, and I wanted them to refund my credit card, they told me it was againist their policy that once you buy there is NO REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please anyone who reads this, STAY AWAY from this RIP-OFF company!!!!! I am out over $1000 and I would not wish that on anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Offender: Two Drops of Beauty
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Gilbert
Address: 875 N. Greenfield Rd
Phone: 6026887545

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