Morgan Building & Spas USA
In July of this year my wife and I visited Morgan Spas in Round Rock, Texas made down payment. We cannot get confirmation of delivery or if the spa has been ordered. We were initially told 8 weeks, it

In July 2012 my wife and I visited Morgan Spas then located in Round Rock, Texas. They were in the process of relocating to Pflugerville, Texas which was a few minutes from our home so we decided to continue the transaction. A co-worker referred us to them as he had purchased a spa a few years prior from a different location in Austin, Texas. We selected a spa that day wrote a check for the down payment and were told 8 weeks for delivery. We assumed all was in order until a few weeks later. The salesman called stating more money down was needed, we complied, wrote a second check.

Again, told 8 weeks for delivery. The second location closed only after a few weeks, no notice. Prior to it closing I stopped in to see the salesman we originally gave the checks to but was told he had been fired/terminated. No idea if that was or is true but we never heard or saw him again to date. The sales lady there told me not to worry, she had our contract, all was in order. After many phone calls In late September I finally reached a lady identifying herself as a corporate manager for Morgan USA. I explained our circumstances and she agreed to look into it.

She asked us to send proof of the down payments. I obtained copies of the two checks from Bank of America that were clearly deposited by Morgan Spas. Incidentially, one of the checks had been deposited twice by Morgan Spas. Bank of America refunded the 2nd draft back to us when we alerted them to the issue. I scanned then emailed the copies to her on October 8th 2012. I emailed her October 10th to learn of any news, she replied, "checks have been posted and product ordered." I called her a few days ago asking if we could get an approximate delivery date, she said she could not make any promises. I ofcourse asked why not since we had been waiting since July.

She became agitated and essentially told me nothing more, no details. Before she hung up on me she said we caused the delay because our checks "bounced". I aksed her if she meant non sufficient funds and corrected her that both checks cleared without issue. She said she was told our checks were NSF. Not accurate but what is accurate is Morgan Spas has our money and we have no product, no expected delivery date or if we'll get it. At this point we are contacting our attorney to get our $1700.00 plus back. We have no confidence Morgan Spas will deliver based on our correspondence and conversations with the corporate manager.

Offender: Morgan Building & Spas USA
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Garland
Address: 2800 McCree Road
Phone: 19728647300

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