OTS Therapy/Michael James Jackson
On The Spot Therapy Claims to be a massage therapist but really sexually molests and assaults women - very inappropriate

Several months ago, I was referred to Mr. Michael James Jackson and OTS Therapy because I have severe pain and my general practitioner doctor was unable to help me cure my pain.

I was told my an acquaintance that she had heard Mr. Michael James Jackson at OTS Therapy (http://www.otstherapy.com) was some sort of miracle worker and that he was able to cure pain that even doctors were unable to fix. Both of us were fed up with doctors and were willing to try anything to cure our unbearable pain. We both looked up the website http://www.otstherapy.com, and decided to give him a try.

All I can say is that my experience was horrifying - Mr. Jackson did a massage for over two hours and it was the most uncomfortable, inappropriate experience I've ever been through. He touched me in places that no other massage therapist has ever has. When I told him I did not feel comfortable with him touching my body and genitals, he explained that woman carry a lot of pain down in their genital region and that we have pain that we are unaware of and that in order to cure this pain, he has to touch this area of my body.

Offender: OTS Therapy/Michael James Jackson
Country: USA   State: California   City: Fullerton
Address: www.otstherapy.com
Phone: 7144218533

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