Rick Thompson Thief, Liar, Scam Artist

Let me start off by saying that i was involved with as a distributor. Rick Thompson, on many calls, told us how wonderful the product "Relief" was going to be. He sent out bottles of product as samples. Those samples worked great for my arthritis pain and neck pain from two car accidents. Once this product worked, Rick Thompson conned us into joining at the $1,000 Founder's level pack. I did.

When this product arrived, I was excited that it was going to do great things for me like the previous sample had. IT DID NOT!!! In fact, I could not tell that I had taken the pill. Having spoken with Rick Thompson and his live in girlfriend Julie D. Freeman, I was only told that I needed to take 6-10 pills for several days to get the "product into my system." Well, isn't that strange, that wasn't the case with the samples... just 2 pills provided GREAT RELIEF!!!! In short, what I believe Rick Thompson and Julie D. Freeman did was send us a placebo. This product does not work!!!! IN FACT, ALL THE PEOPLE WITH WHOM I HAVE SPOKEN, THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK FOR ANYONE!!!!! THAT IS OVER 60 PEOPLE FOLKS.

ALSO, KEEP IN MIND, RICK THOMPSON and his cronies Julie D. Freeman and Harry Aston even shut down our website to keep us from checking our pay and viewing our down line. These people have also gone off and started a new company called touting the wonderful products that they had originally created with CSIRelief. Not only that, but on or about October 25, 2012, Rick Thompson raided the CSIRelief database and texted everyone to be on a call for his NEW company In short, what he did was move people to the new site without moving the downline that everyone had worked so hard to establish. He was also cheating people out of thousands of dollars of income. But this was not the first time, not will it be the last time for Rick Thompson. Oh yeah, the moderator of this conference call was Harry Marshall Aston.

Harry Marshall Aston has had his own share of problems. In 2010, Harry owned a company called Panther Mobility. Once he got this text messaging company up and running, she shut down the company and left hundreds of people without income and out of over $1,000 each of their hard earned income/investment. Harry has since shut down the website thus depriving us of our connection with out downline.

Rick Thompson also had another fraud rodeo with another company somewhere during 2006-2008 when he was on the staff of NexagenUSA, a company that had an all natural weight loss path. Rick got nailed for trying to pad his expense account. He was hired ad a $200,000 per year only to be fired for lying and padding his accounts.

In short, DO NOT INVEST with Rick Thompson, Julie D. Freeman or Harry Aston of the state of Texas unless you want to lose your shirt and friends. They are all liars and thieves.

If you want to see Julie D. Freeman, just check out your local strip club... she is the one with the saggy breasts!!!!!!!!!

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: McKinney
Address: Rick Thompson
Phone: 2104541090

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