Dr. Carlos J. Puig
Dr. Carlos Puig, Physicians Hair Restoration Center (PHRC) PROOF in links below!!

Review of Dr. Carlos J. Puig (Physicians Hair Restoration Center (PHRC), 6150 Richmond Ave., Suite 226, Houston, Texas 77057, http://www.hairrestorationhouston.com/index.php )

This is a NON-COMMERCIAL posting/website. Any statements I make below are my own opinion. For reasons described below, Dr. Carlos J. Puigs license to practice medicine should have been REVOKED a LONG TIME AGO!!!!

To read PROOF of Dr. Carlos J. Puigs INCOMPETENCE, please follow these links:





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Dr. Carlos J Puig was Medical Director of Puig Medical Group (PMG, aka Cleveland Hair Centers) from 1976 1996. Follow these links for the truth about PMG:



Screenshots of the same content of the above websites are posted in these links:



For proof that Dr. Carlos Puig was Medical Director of PMG see online bio here:


OR follow this link for copy of bio on healthgrades.com website:


From the healthgrades.com website bio for Dr. Carlos J. Puig:

Director Physician Training, Director Continuing Education, Managed the 6-Sigm continueous quality
Medical Director, Puig Medical Group & Cleveland Hair Centers, 1976-1996

Also, a large photo of Dr. Carlos Puig was in pg 1 of PMGs 1994 marketing brochure which was FILLED WITH LIES! Copy in this link [for snapfish website, please just register to access link]:



In the mid 1990s, I was a hair transplant patient of Puig Medical Group (PMG). As described in elaborate detail by another VICTIM of PMG, PMG and its doctors like Dr. Carlos J. Puig were engaged in INCOMPETENT, UNETHICAL, and ILLEGAL conduct and used high pressure sales and false advertising to lure unsuspecting clients to become their patients. For these reasons, Dr. Carlos J. Puigs license to practice medicine should have been REVOKED a LONG TIME AGO!!!! Follow this link for details:



This person (I dont know who he is so I will call him Mr. X) was kind enough to post scanned copies of PMGs 1994 totally deceptive, false, and fraudulent marketing/sales letters and brochure. PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Carlos J. Puig was Medical Director of Puig Medical Group (PMG) from 1976 to 1996, and so he CANNOT deny that he was a main member of PMGs medical team when this 1994 marketing brochure and cover letter were sent to potential clients, including me.

In mid 1990s, PMG and its doctors promised to cure my baldness and give me a full head of hair [these words are an exact quote of a complete LIE from the PMG cover letter, see below] after PMGs hair transplants and Brandy scalp reduction surgeries. Instead, PMGs doctors left my head COMPLETELY SCARRED AND DISFIGURED with only a few hairs growing that was of VERY LITTLE, if any, cosmetic significance!!!! PMGs doctors basically left me looking like a FREAK!! I have had AT LEAST 10 reconstructive cosmetic surgeries to reverse what PMG doctors did to me, and to look at least somewhat normal.

I received the SAME 1994 brochure and letters that Mr. X posted on his website with the SAME LIES,HARD SELL & FALSE ADVERTISING and DECEPTIVE LANGUAGE. Please follow the link below for the cover letter I received from Puig Medical Group (PMG):
LINKS [for snapfish website, please just register to access link]:



The letter in the above link is Puig Medical Groups (PMG) 1994 Cover letter that I received when I inquired about getting hair transplants done with PMG. This letter is FILLED with LIES,HARD SELL TACTICS & FALSE ADVERTISING and DECEPTIVE LANGUAGE.

The most BLATANT and COMPLETELY 100% LIE is when in the cover letter, PMG promised the potential client that PMGs hair transplants will result in a full head of hair [2nd line of 2nd para of letter] that is "virtually non-detectible." [5th bullet in letter] No HALF-competent hair transplant doctor would ever say this because of the limited amount of donor hair in the back of the head of a typical hairloss patient, such as me. But Dr. Puig & PMG were perfectly willing to say this to MAXIMIZE PMGs sales and LURE unsuspecting clients into selecting PMG instead of one of its competitors.

If Dr. Carlos J. Puig was HALF-honest with his patients, he and PMG would have NEVER claimed to restore a full head of hair in PMGs cover letter to me and other potential clients!!

Below are the cover page & page 1 (again) from PMG's 1994 brochure that is FILLED WITH EXTREMELY MISLEADING STATEMENTS & LIES:
LINKS [for snapfish website, please just register to access link]:





The above links are to the Cover Page, & Pages 1 of Puig Medical Groups 1994 marketing brochure that is FILLED with MISLEADING STATEMENTS, UNETHICAL HARD SELL tactics, and OUTRIGHT LIES. Also, page 1 has a large PHOTO of Dr. Carlos J. Puig, PROOF that he was one of the main perpetrators of the PMG SCAM:
- E.g. OUTRIGHT LIES: Advances in surgical techniques now allow for complete and permanent correction of this cosmetic imperfection. [Page 1 of PMG booklet] A COMPLETE LIE: even in 2012, advances in surgical techniques do NOT allow for a complete correction of baldness (i.e. a full head of hair as claimed by PMG) for most hairloss patients. The key challenge is limited donor hair in the back of the head, and any HALF-competent, ethical doctor would know this and never make this claim (i.e. this 100% LIE) of complete correction made by PMG.
- E.g. of HARD SELL tactics: Let's face it: baldness suggests premature aging. [Page 1 of PMG booklet]. Male pattern baldness is due to a person having genes programmed to result in hairloss, and thats it; baldness has NOTHING to do with premature aging!!

Please follow link below for page 7 of the 1994 booklet that contains LIES based on what is OMITTED from the text.
LINKS [for snapfish website, please just register to access link]:



-Another E.g. of OUTRIGHT LIES, Bald Area Reduction can eliminate a major portion of the bald area. [Page 7 of PMGs 1994 booklet] This is a LIE because of what is OMITTED from this claim. Bald area reduction is MAJOR surgery that leaves the head with LARGE SCARS around the scalp area that is removed. In my case, PMGs doctors performed a few Brandy scalp reduction procedures that left a HUGE U-shaped or horse-shoe shaped 8 inch long and inch thick SCAR from one TEMPLE to the CROWN and back down to the other TEMPLE on my head!! More info on scalp reduction surgeries here:


Brandy refers to Dr. Dominic Brandy, who was in 1996 SUED and PAID damages for performing such scalp reduction procedures [link to a news article about this:



But PMG in its marketing brochure makes NO MENTION of any scarring!!!! Talk about doctors (PMG doctors like Dr. Carlos J. Puig) who leave out CRITICAL info needed for a patient to make an informed decision about the major surgery!!!!

Please follow link below for an insert page from the 1994 PMG booklet that has more LIES!!
LINKS [for snapfish website, please just register to access link]:



- E.g. of Misleading statement/LIE: The most natural hairline that is virtually undetectable...Cosmetically incredible.You will look and feel the way you hoped to AGAIN!! [Insert page above of PMG booklet] In the case of most patients, including me, another COMPLETE LIE. My hairline was anything BUT natural after PMGs procedures with a few hairs growing in different parts of the hairline and the majority of the front hairline with no hair at all!! With the LIMITED amount of donor hair and hairloss on the front and crown in many patients, there is NO WAY there would be enough donor hair for hair transplants to result in a "full head of hair" with a "virtually undetectable" hairline!!!! And yet, PMG was perfectly willing to promise "you will look and feel the way you hoped to AGAIN!!"

So, as Mr. X asked in his review of PMG, WHY is the Puig Medical Group creating this false premise in the minds of potential patients? Because building FALSE HOPES in patients is good for BOOSTING SALES. PMGs doctors like Dr. Carlos J. Puig ONLY cared about SALES, and patients welfare was NOT a main concern. That is why doctors at PMG (e.g. Dr. Carlos J. Puig) were willing to say ANYTHING, EVEN OUTRIGHT LIES, to ensure that the potential client would select PMG, and not one of its competitors, for hair transplants.

NO ONE has to just rely on my review to decide that Dr. Carlos J. Puig is COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT. Anyone can just read the 1994 cover letters & marketing brochures of Puig Medical Group itself to come to your own conclusions.

(again available here:

and here:

http://picasaweb.google.com/117812991164449030691/DrCarlosPuigDrEAntonioMangubat# )

When you read these documents, youll see for yourself the TOTALLY deceptive practices, false advertising, and outright LIES that PMGs doctors engaged in to lure unsuspecting clients.

Please note that I am not the author of Mr. Xs angelfire website on PMG, but I completely agree with what this person Mr. X says. This person is another totally INNOCENT VICTIM of PMG and its INCOMPETENT FRAUD doctors (e.g. Dr. Carlos J. Puig). Dr. Carlos J. Puigs license to practice medicine should have been REVOKED a LONG TIME AGO!!!!

Offender: Dr. Carlos J. Puig
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Houston
Address: 6150 Richmond Ave. Suite 226 Houston, Texas 77057
Site: www.hairrestorationhouston.com

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