Severina Fager
Severina A. Fager , Nennette Fager Thief, Scammer, Scam Artist, Lier, Cheater, Fraud, Fake, Unlicensed

To whom it may concern:

Severina A. Fager A/K/A Nennette Fager is a thief, crook and a dishonorable petty woman.

She used to take care of my grandfather and she ended up robbing him. She persuaded him to give her valuable belongings and cash with a sad story about her being ill and that she was trying to start a small business. Nevertheless everything was a big fat lie and she took advantage of him. Not only she brainwashed him into giving her stuff but also stole jewelry, furniture and various checkbooks.

I lived in Arizona at the time and couldnt do much until recently when I moved back to town and my grandfather and the rest of my family shared all these things with me. They even have her on camera on her last day at work stealing from the house but my brainless family didnt do anything about it because they felt sorry for her.

In addition, she claims to be a licensed home-aid but she has no certification or accreditation to work as such.

Her last known records are below. Of course she moved out in a hurry after being pressured not only by our family but also several other clients that she ripped off. It beats me how well she played the sorry-life card to get away without people pressing charges.

How many more victims are out there?. If anyone has information about this criminal please contact us through this website or contact the Lompoc Police Department and file a complaint.

We are about to hire private investigator to trace her down and I even contacted a TV show.

Last records known:

Severina A. Fager
1120 W Barton Avenue
Lompoc, CA 93436

Widow of: Phillip Raymond Fager (died on November 23rd 2007 of "natural causes" however note that after speaking to neighbors and ex-acquaintances they all have their doubts about his wife Severina)

Maiden name: Unknown but she goes by the nickname "nennette" and she is Filipino

Offender: Severina Fager
Country: USA   State: California   City: Lompoc
Address: 1120 W Barton Avenue

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