Paradise Permanent Makeup
Walter Paradise Permanent Makeup

Paradise permanent makeup ruined my life. Walter is a con man and it is public record that.he was in prison as well a leah who he got a license under because the health dept took his. You can view his file at the health dept on shadow lane in Vegas. It is public record and the file contains an alarming amount of violations and law suits. It has photos of the poor damaged people he disfigured. Go there and see this file!

Walter has two web sites I had to have facial cosmetic reconstruction. Walters girl leah permanently disfigured me. My eyebrows turned to scar as well as my lip liner from the permanent makeup. I am forever disfigured. All i wanted is to be pretty.

This Walter person assured me on the phone that I was getting an experienced professional and i trusted him. It hurt so bad and I was bloody and bruised but I was assured it would heal in a few days. So most of the permanent makeup scabbed off and i was left with scar tissue. I have had to get many laser surgerytreatments and it has cost me $2800 so far.

When i realized i was a victom of a botched permanent makeup job I did some reasearch online then found out about how it is public record and i could view WALTERS and Paradise Permanent Makeups file. I was terrified to come after Walter or his business. I wanted to file a suit but I have not due to what i learned about Ealter and his shady past. This man is a sociopath. He technically doesnt own the clinic.and puts license info under other convicts names. He has impersonated a physician, gone to prison and has his hands in drugs and many other illegal activities. He has hurt so many woman physically, sexually and his jailhouse permakeup girls are junkies with no skill who destroy womens lives.

How can this be? How can he get away with this? Why hasnt anyone shut him down?

Offender: Paradise Permanent Makeup
Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Las vegas
Address: 4320 w desert inn rd
Phone: 7022478551

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