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Dr. Andrea Henry , DDS Save yourself problems

I have had nothing but problems with this dentist. I never had any problems with my teeth until I started visiting this dentist. In two years I had to have 3 root canals. The first one wasn't that big of a deal no problem things happen. Then another and then in May of last year yet another. I had to constantly call because of the pain I was in. Each time she would call in medication I would take it then go in for her to figure out why I was still hurting.

Finally in November of 2010 the entire side of my face was swollen. I couldn't eat or sleep for months until finally found a dentist that had me come in and took an x-ray. Only to find out that the root canal was never done. She had me sit in the chair, gave me nitrous , about a dozen shots and went through the motions of giving me a root canal. I requested all of my records and was denied. They will not return any phone calls nor will they respond to any mail that I have sent requesting my records. I let the insurance company know of the fraudulent activity and they have spoken with her. She stated that it was billed in error and would refund my money. I am still waiting.

I also have had to have the other two teeth redone. So I have paid out now around 2 to 3 thousand out of pocket to fix what should have been done correctly the first time. One of the other teeth she had done has a gap the size of a credit card so every time I attempt to eat it is painful and it bleeds. (All of these teeth she worked on are molars) She is also aware that the crown was ill fitting.

She gave my daughter a root canal also and it also had to be redone. There was infection left in her tooth also. The x-rays show that the infection has basically eaten away at the bone on both of us. I have tried to contact her and request the money I have paid out to her to no avail. My next step is finding a lawyer. Try to avoid this dentist at all costs. If it hadn't been for my new dentist who knows how much longer I would have had to endure chronic pain. So in November is when I found out that she was not doing what she was supposed to do. And to this day I am still having to have fix this mess she left me with.

The Smile Spa also overcharged me. She is in my network and I sent her all the EOBs along with receipts of how much I paid. Try to avoid this dentist. I just want everyone to know that this kind of care is unacceptable and not have to endure what I and my daughter have had to endure.

Offender: The Smile Spa
Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Cordova
Address: 8110 Cordova Rd
Phone: 9017550001

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