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Barbara Downey

Please see: This is one example out of Alaska. Also see: and Am I trying to ruin my brother, the answer is no. Am I trying to help other people from being hurt by my brother, then YES I AM! Everything I have posted can be backed up by documents, can Ronald say the same?

Barbara Downey

(Ronald's sister)

brian jeffery (Or could this be Ronald Downey himself?)

I'm not the kind of person that would normally waste any time on this sort of thing, however after reading the ridiculous untruths posted here by those making feeble attempts to taint someone I PERSONALLY know of, I decided to take the time to write what I know. After researching the other reviewers posted here, I have found some very interesting information! It seems that the other reviewers are Ronald's sisters!... who have decided to attempt to assassinate their brothers' character due to a lifelong sibling jealousy and the fact that their lives have been so disappointing. Barbara, the elder sister, became pregnant as a teen, 16 or 17, delivered an illegitimate son, lived on welfare assistance, became pregnant a second time, delivering yet another child. Both fathers were gone within minutes of impregnating her never
to be seen again. She continued to live on welfare assistance, finally gaining some training only to have faked a job injury and then bilking the system for the past twenty years so that she doesn't have to earn an honest living, she
lives on handouts still though claims to have a "real" job. The younger sister, Sharon, has a bit different story, but neither has been able to have or maintain any kind of a functional intimate relationship at any time throughout their adult lives, and are mostly reclusive somewhat hermit-like old maids. Current photographs reveal their appearance as near elderly spinsters (who actually live together!) looking late sixties early seventies, but are actually in their mid fifties. Anyone knowing their Brother knows him to be a vibrant, healthy mid-thirties looking, handsome man of high integrity and character beyond reproach.

Yaffa Avraham (100%) writes:

I do not know who Mr. Jeffrey is but his response to some of the reviews written about Ronald Downey sound more like a charlaton who is being exposed for what he really is or he is actually Ronald Allen Downey pretending to be a 'good' friend of his who is really angry at his sister (or whoever it really is) for debunking his claims.

Mr. Jeffrey stated that he normally doesn't wasted time with such things. For someone who doesn't waste his time, he certainly knew enough about these reviewers to actually be related to them. Unless Mr. Jeffrey has known Ronald
for his entire life and therefore would know his family, he shouldn't have all that extra information about his sisters. Perhaps he is merely writing what Ronald Allen Downey tells him to write; in which case Mr. Jeffrey has his own
emotional issues. Why on earth would Mr. Jeffrey write such vitriol and post it to the web unless:

A. he actually is Ronald Allen Downey and is seeking revenge; B. he actually has known Ronald Allen Downey his entire life and actually witnessed these events in person and is telling the truth about Ronald's sisters; or C. he is a very weak man and only feels strong when a controlling man tells him what to do and is praised for doing In all the above cases, would need some type of help to overcome this deep seeded anger. It is beginning to seem as though this soical media site is a public forum for Ronald to spew his false claims and denegrate his sisters, who for all us readers and possible clients know, are just trying to protect possible consumers of Ronald Allen Downey's claims. Remember what happens to
whistle blowers and really ponder their plight when reading anything spewing venom that strongly worded against another for speaking the truth.

As a matter of fact, has anyone actually done research into the claims Ronald Allen Downy makes? Ask yourself, what are the physical locations of his clinics around the world? Do a google search. You will come up with nothing. Type into your browser and see what happens. Everything written in Ronald Allen Downey's social media sites comes up with negative results. I, for one, would like very much to know who he trained under in the holistic
arts. His resume certainly does not include anything that can be validated. With this information, i certainly would NOT pay him for anything. There are plenty more talented and well trained people in the holistic medical field with bona
fide credentials that I can give my money to.

Another person writes:


Mr. Jeffrys...Do you believe that Ronald can cure Autism, Downs Syndrome, diabetes, cancer, etc? Here's what he wrote in his profile on another site: "As Managing Director of Christ Ascension Trust, Ronald Allen Downey creates programs to heal conditions such as autism, Down syndrome, asthma, insomnia, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, and others, without the use of medicine." I'm sure the CDC must be breaking down his door trying to learn his secrets!

Do you believe that he can change history? Again, here is a snipit of the profile Ronald wrote: "Growing up in a pioneering family with ancestors who immigrated on the Mayflower amid the Potato Famine of Ireland,..."
When exactly did this take place??? Where there two great Potato Famines? I certainly can't find any evidence of one happening while the Mayflower was sailing to America.

As an eye-witness to the events regarding Ronalds' nephews, I can tell you that Ronald was the one that was completely at fault. If you need proof, just check out the Alaska court records. His sister is not mentally unstable...that title belongs squarely on Ronald's shoulders, which is why people like me take the time to write reviews on sites
like this.

Offender: Ronald Downey
Country: USA   State: Missouri   City: Springfield
Address: 77 Hackberry Rd

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