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My braces are still on after 4 years with no treatments because my bill was sent to collections!!! I was over billed, ripped off, lied to, and had to deal with horrible customer service!

Just to let anyone who is reading this know I'm 24 years old with braces and I got my braces put on me at 19 years old....

I went into Western Dental January 10, 2006. I signed a contract stating that my braces would only cost me $3,800. My first payment was made April 06, 2006. I lost my job in August 2007. My last payment to western dental was August 20, 2007. I called western dental corporate a few months later asking them what I could do to start making payments and getting treatments again on my braces (that are still in my mouth) and they told me they had already sent my bill to collections and if I wanted to start treatments again I'd have to pay the collections agency in full. I told them I was not able to do that and they said they could do NOTHING for me. I was only 21 at the time and I was paying for my braces on my own so it was very hard for me to make a full payment like that.

On September 2009 I called Western Dental corporate again. This time they told me that I would need to contact RRS (collection agency) and figure out a payment plan with them and after I pay them off I can finish the rest of my treatments on my braces. They gave me RRS's number and I started to make payments again. I April 2011 I finally paid my braces off. A total of $3,290 interest. I called the coporate office again to let them know I finished paying my braces off and I'd like to finish my treatments now on my braces that were half done. It had been 4 years of hell for me! They directed me to the Fremont, CA office to schedule an appointment so I did. I was extremely excited because I thought I was finally going to get my braces removed after a few months.

When I went into the office on April 12, 2011 I couldnt check in. My appointment was scheduled at 4pm and I got there at 3:40pm. It was very busy as usual even though when I had talked to the receptionist she told me they weren't going to be very busy. So I waited and waited for the receptionist to finally get to me at 4:25pm. She told me that I'm not in their system because it had been so long and that my file was in storage so I'd have to fill out a new form. The receptionist then tells me they have to do a re-exam because it's been so long and it might cost me a little more money. I thought to myself it can't be that much more because I already paid them off like they asked. After the orthodontist checks me out at 4:55pm I go back to the front and wait because the receptionist tells me the manager needs to go over a new contract with me?? So I wait and they finally call me up and tell me the manager is on a "conference call" so one of the receptionists at the front desk are going to go over the options with me.

The orthodontist comes out and asks the girls at the front desk, "Isn't the manager suppose to stop her conference call for any patient?" The girls at the front desk tell the orthodontist that the manager told one of them to do it. So I went into the office with one of the receptionists and she tells me it's going to cost me another $3,650 for them to finish working on my braces!!!! I asked her, "for what because I paid off my braces??" Why did they make me pay the collection agency and tell me that they're going to finish my treatments as soon as I pay it off!!?? Also why didn't the corporate office tell me anything about a Re-exam, new contract, and more payments!? If I had known that I would have never made the rest of the $2,000 they said I owed in order to finish my treatments.

I didn't sign the new contract and scheduled an appointment for thursday. I called corporate this morning and told them what had happened they said the $3,290 was for services that were already given!? I only got treated for a year and a half and my braces were still in my mouth unfinished! The contract was for my braces start to finish! Not for "services given" Then the lady tells me she just called the Fremont office and the manager said I have an appointment with them thursday. I confirmed it and told them I'd like to see my files and contract. She said the manager at the Fremont office will have it but they told me it was in storage. I want to file a lawsuit against them for lying to me and overbilling me. I have never ever wanted to file a lawsuit against anyone but western dental has gone too far and I just won't allow them to do this anymore. Also my teeth are probably in horrible shape because they didn't tell me I could make payments in 2008. I don't even think that any other orthodontist will finish where they left off? So I'm bring completely manipulated into giving them more money. They have horrible customer service and they're ripping me off! If anyone can help me figure out how to file a law suit against them please please let me know as soon as possible...

Offender: Western Dental
Country: USA   State: California   City: Fremont
Address: 38780 Fremont Blvd.
Phone: 18003263254

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