igg inc
poker bots

igg inc a k a texas holdem poker deluex is stealing millions of dollars from its players they are useing a program bots to take players poker chips this program is made for one thing to win at poker igg has flooded the tables with these bots stealing players chips so they have to buy more to play and incresase there chip sales its costing players millions and igg refuses to remove them stateing in there email that the bots are not theres and for players to report them give id number i have my self reported over 100 bots the programers in there hurry to steal players chips made misstake if you go and play on the hd version the bots show up plain as day there blue and have f on them and no name but i went on there fourm and spoke out about the bots and the next day my poker acct was locked and my poker chips taken i emailed igg service in about week got emaile back with a bunch of none sense acct numbers and dates chip amounts they saied i transfered chips on the email it had like 5 differnt accts that chips went to this one then this one went to another then finally to me its nothing more than a lie to cover them selfs it dosent take them long to lock players acct but do nothing to remove the bots i have screen shots of tables them playing and you can clearly see them when i submited the screen shots to igg service that was the end of them they wont talk to me they play stupied and send emails that make no sense and leave you shakeing your head there to me nothing more than thiefs takeing peoples money

Offender: igg inc
Country: USA   State: All USA   City: fremont   Zip: 94539
Address: 161 mission falls lane suite 208
Phone: 408-796-1848
Site: texas holdem poker deluex

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