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Refund problems

This company embroiled me in a battle for a refund for almost five whole months. I purchased their product "Driver Detective" on-line in December 2010. The software scans your computer for hardware drivers to update. In my case the results of the scan were dismaying. Some of the driver updates offered no clear description of what specific piece of hardware would be updated. Other updates were for newer models of my hardware, meaning my hardware was obsolete, and thereby rendered the update unusable. Still other drivers could be updated only upon executing a "fresh install" of an operating system. That's not what I was attempting to do, so again, the driver(s) were useless. Vital instructions for chipsets were not available until the download began, which happens even if you only right-click on the download icon. In the world of computer usage, right-clicking on anything typically is done to retrieve information, select options, and not to initiate an action. So, the company subverted the universally accepted and acknowledged function of a right-click function just so they could shove the software into my computer as fast as possible, for all-to-obvious reasons.

Immediately I e-mailed a Word document reporting the scan results to the alleged "support" arm of the company. They responded with form letter instructions on how to address problems created by other processes running on a computer that could interrupt driver installation. That wasn't the problem I was having, as I had made so clear in my report to them. I re-submitted my report and waited...and waited...and waited for a response.

During the waiting period I experienced a major problem with my computer that shut it down. I was forced to use an e-mail address on another computer. When I finally followed up after receiving the silent treatment from them, they didn't recognize the new e-mail address, so I had to explain that situation, and then I waited for a response, again. And waited some more.

I got tired of waiting. I requested a refund because the lack of a personalized response to my communications made me suspicious of their desire to help me. And that was when things got difficult.

In response to my request for a refund they e-mailed to me a note expressing their regret that I didn't "like" their product and that they would be happy to refund my money...but only if I followed a procedure that would return to them a report containing "certain information" about the driver scanning problems I encountered. The refund would possibly occur within twenty (20) days after they "reviewed" this information.

Well, I had already given them that information in written form two or three times. I sent them an e-mail in which I expressed my deep disillusionment with the way they handled my refund request. I told them that they had the information they needed from me and that there was no way I was going to wait twenty more days for my money to be returned to me.

Since the company has the nerve to display the logo for the Better Business Bureau on their website, I contacted that organization, received a polite response from a representative and went through the motions. We went round and round with these people for a couple of weeks. Once again, Drivers Headquarters made an issue out of my new, temporary e-mail address not matching the one I had used to create my account. I was stupefied! My answering e-mail reminded them that I had already explained the reason for the differing addresses and I again provided them with original address. Of course, more silence followed. The deadline for resolution of my complaint passed and the BBB rep shut the case down. They tried and I'm grateful.

After all the silences and the delaying tactics and the lack of results, I took the matter into my own hands and did an Internet search on the company. In the process I discovered that there were many complaints about slow responses to refund requests. My search ended when I found the name and e-mail address of Mike Hurd, the president of Drivers Headquarters.

The e-mail I sent to him related everything that had happened between me and the so-called “support” department and what I felt about it. His response…well, folks, it floored me, made my brain reel in stunned disbelief, because ONCE AGAIN the matter of my current e-mail address not matching my original account information came up! What in the world was going on at Drivers Headquarters? Didn’t they share information with each other? Or was this man just running down more of the same delaying tactics I had already experienced? The whole episode was beginning to feel surreal. All this subterfuge over a $39.99 on-line purchase of a product that didn’t work for my computer. Unbelievable.

In my answering e-mail I could barely restrain myself from using strong language. In precise and direct words I repeated - for the last time, as far as I was concerned – the explanation for the change in my e-mail address. I expressed also my distrust of his support team. Can you guess what followed that e-mail? Yup, you’re right! Silence. Believe it.

Two days passed. By then I was thinking that about purchasing an airline ticket to travel to Austin, Texas and visit Drivers Headquarters to have a serious discussion with Mr. Hurd. Do you blame me? Instead, I checked my bank account. I saw that a purchase credit from Drivers Headquarters had been deposited there, at last. For whatever reason, obviously Mr. Hurd didn’t think it was necessary to inform me of his decision. Whatever. It fit in with the cold, confrontational and wholly unprofessional treatment I had received from his company. I sent him a final e-mail thanking him for the action he took. He did not respond, of course.

Offender: Driver Detective
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Austin

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