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I am disappointed to see an appalling customer service at a big, trusted store like IKEA. I've been shopping there for many years, spending hundreds each time, sometimes thousands.

I recently bought a cabinet from IKEA which was delivered and installed yesterday. I told the deliverymen it was meant for the storeroom. Regardless, they proceeded to assemble it in the living room, then upon completion told me it's too large to go through the store door. When asked why they didn't set up in the storeroom in the first place, they insisted they were not able to do so as the cabinet needed to be assembled "lying down".

I requested that they disassemble and assemble again in the store, but they refused and left after trying to force me to acknowledge receipt, which I refused as it was not delivered to the right condition and location I wanted.

I then went down to IKEA customer service centre at Alexandra as I could not get through their help desk after more than one hour of trying.

After waiting for more than an hour at IKEA, I was served by Ms Yvonne Lou, who without hearing what I had to say, curtly told me she's already spoken to the 3 delivery persons, who told her that I instructed them to install in the living room even though the item is required in the store room (which I didn't). She further told me she will only refund me half the amount without explaining why except that it's "policy", and demanded that I pay for another delivery charge. I thought IKEA had a no questions asked full refund policy, but she didn't offer me that option at all.

She told me she had 3 witnesses and therefore don't need any other information or hear my version of the events, even though all 3 were the very delivery men who were involved. I suppose I'm grateful they didn't claim even more things as she "already got 3 witnesses!" She was very aggressive when she said it. I wonder how can so rude a person be suitable for customer service!

There were so many things wrong with this situation that I do not know where to begin - from unsatisfactory work, rude customer service representative who refused to listen to customers' concerns, failure to explain the company's position clearly, dishonesty on the facts, lack of sincerity to resolve the problem, not to mention the long wait to get this undesirable outcome. I didn't take up her "offer" as it's more like a demand, and I am so angry with her and the delivery folks.

I will be escalating this case further within IKEA management (I wonder what's the email of their managing director that Ronnie found but I'm sure I can find it though if needed), but in the meantime, I am an unhappy customer who has lost his trust in IKEA and will not shop there again.

If you want to use Ikea's outsourced assembly and delivery service, think twice!

Thanks for reading this!


Offender: IKEA Singapore
Country: USA   State: All USA

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