rodeo cheese burger
stale buns!

I went to order a rodeo burger. as soon as i started to order the lady acted like she couldn't hear me. So i spoke louder almost yelling and she still couldn't hear me. But as soon as my boyfriend said something then she could hear him. And he wasn't even talking as loud as me. So she took my order threw him. I orderd a rodeo cheese burger value frys and value chicken nuggets. haha! know right big spender here! anyways we got to the window and the lady looked at me like i was dirt! I ignored it and asked her for a smoothie. And i also asked if they would put whip cream on the top. First she said no then said well it will be 30 cents extra. I said ok she gave me it i looked at it and thought to myself.. Oh wow please don't put to much whip cream on top psh it was stupid she didn't put barly any on it then i got home to eat my burger and it was burnt black burger patty and suser stail buns so i called them to see if they would maybe give me one that was fresh they ignored my calls and then hung up on me i called them 4 times. im just descusted with the slobs they got working there and shame on burger kings manager for being such a lame arss!!!

Offender: rodeo cheese burger
Country: USA   State: Oregon   City: Grants Pass

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